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Tag der offenen Tür 2018

Tag der offenen Tür 2018

On November 21, 2018 the University of Freiburg hosts a Tag der offenen Tür. UCF partcipates with info sessions, some open courses and is present at the Studiengangmesse in the university library. Here you can find the whole program of the Tag der Offenen Tür. The Student Service Center provides a smartphone app for the open day to help put together the individual program and navigate through the university campus. Here you can download the app:

UCF invites you to the following presentations and courses:

  • Infoveranstaltung: Introduction – Bachelor Program “Liberal Arts andSciences” (LAS)

Dr. Ursula Glunk
12:00-13:00 h, Bertoldstraße 17, Alte Universität, 1.OG, Room 01065
Short description: “Liberal Arts and Sciences” at UCF is a 4-year, English-taught, interdisciplinary B.A./ B.Sc. program. The introduction session provides information on the program’s features, opportunities, and requirements – also from the students’ perspective.

  • LAS Consultation

Thorsten Leiendecker
14:30-16:00 h, Bertoldstraße 17, Alte Universität, 1.OG, Room 01069
"All right, I have gathered all information about LAS that was available. But, actually, this is quite a special case..." If this applies to your questions or if you need further consultation, join UCF for an extraordinary LAS consultation hour.

  • Empires Across Eurasia - 1750 to 1918 (Seminar)

Dr. Iannis Carras and Michel Abeßer
8:00-10:00h, Bertoldstraße 17, Alte Universität, 1.OG, Room 01036a
Empire is back! Up until the end of the 20th century empires receded in the historical imagination. Since then they have re-emerged in a number of forms including renewed interest in colonialism and post-colonialism. The aim of this course will be to examine the history and theory of empire with a focus on the struggle for control of the Eurasian landmass in the period between the mid-18th century and the First World War.

  • Principles of Responsible Leadership: WG Ethics

Dr. Mathis Lessau
12:00-14:00h, Bertoldstraße 17, Alte Universität, 1.OG, Room 01036a
This foundational course introduces essential principles of responsible leadership, understood broadly as a multifaceted approach to constructive action in professional life and beyond. Our comprehensive treatment of the term is reflected in four individual parts, each presenting responsibility and leadership from a different angle. This workgroups focuses on the aspects Ethics, Decision-Making, and Responsible Action.

  • History of World Philosophy

PD Dr. Tobias Henschen
16:00-18:00h, Kollegiengebäude ,I KG1034
This course will offer a comparative introduction to the history of the philosophical traditions of Europe, America, Asia and Africa. We will consider the most important questions that have been debated in these traditions: How should we live? What is the self? How does the self relate to others? What is the ultimate nature of reality? How can we come to know that reality? Do divine entities or a hereafter exist?