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Welcome Week

Welcome Week

Every October, UCF hosts a Welcome Week for all new students starting the Liberal Arts and Sciences study program. At the Welcome Week, we want to introduce you to the people and the structure of UCF and LAS, give you an overview of your foundational year, and provide some general information, e.g. on course and exam registration and academic advising. At the Sign Up, you will receive the widely traveled green LAS bag and your Student Handbook.

Most importantly, every new cohort of LAS students is introduced to each other and to current LAS students. The UCF Students Council has numerous fun activities planned – city tours of Freiburg, hiking outings, fun and games, pub crawls, jam sessions, and our Opening Celebration.

Here you can have a look at the Welcome Week schedule 2019. Please note that there might be minor changes.

Here are some impressions from the previous years:

sign-up-small.png coffee-common-room-small.png chatting-small.png common-room-small.png mensa-lunch-small.png
mensa-lunch-break-small.png fun-small.png fun-and-games-2-small.png opening-celebration-small.png pub-crawl-small.png