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Open Days 2017

Join us 2017

Every spring, UCF opens its doors for prospective LAS students: The LAS Open Days 2017 are intended to give you more information and an in-depth view of the Liberal Arts and Sciences B.A./B.Sc. program at UCF.

  • Meet members of the University (from research, teaching and administration) involved in the LAS program.
  • Talk to current LAS students about their experiences at UCF and student life in Freiburg.
  • Inquire into the Application & Admissions process and requirements at the Information Market.
  • The Open Day Presentation can be downloaded here (PDF, 1 MB). Please note: During the Open Day on June 2 we provided the information that non-EU citizens with a German "Abitur" must apply via the non-EU application process. This is incorrect: So-called "Bildungsinländer" must apply via the application process for EU citizens.

The Open Days 2017 are on April 28 and June 2. 

For more information, please see the Open Day Flyer 2017. And if you have questions or would like to receive flyers, send us an email at:

For information about the city of Freiburg and accomodation, please consult Freiburg Tourism.

Open Day Impressions...

from June 2, 2017

presentation-student-council.jpg presentation-ursula-glunk.jpg presentation-wolfgang-freitag.jpg
las-wisdom.jpg ucf-hallway.jpg student-interviews.jpg

and from April 28, 2017

Presentation by Ursula Glunk Presentation Audience Presentation by Students Council
Cake Information Market hallway Information Market Governance
Information Market Students Information Market talks Campus Tour

(Photos by LAS student Alena Zakurazhnova. A big thank you, Alena!)