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March 4, 2016: Conference Research Design across Disciplines

On Friday, March 4, 2016 the LAS Bachelor candidates will present their thesis proposals in a one-day conference in KG1. The aim is to give the students the opportunity to present their proposals in public, to receive useful feedback, and to gain some conference experience. 

The conference is part of the course Research Design across Disciplines: A framework course for the bachelor thesis. This course is aimed at fourth-year students who, in their final year of LAS studies, should refine their academic skills and intensify contact with academic research, before embarking on writing the Bachelor thesis, applying for Master programs, or preparing for the next carrier moves.

The presentations will take place in three different rooms in KG I. Here you can download the programs:

  • Sessions: "Life Sciences", "Perspectives on Gender", "Frames and Narratives" (Room 1098)
  • Sessions: "Tales of Heroes", "Feminism and Identities", Open Section (Room 1199)
  • Sessions: "Society and State", "Politics and Policies", "Major Social Debates" (Room 1221)
  • Poster Session (Rooms 1098 and 1199)

You are cordially invited!


February 25, 2016: LAS Students at the IV European Human Rights Moot Court Finals

ELSA international, the European Law Students' Association, hosts the annual European Human Rights Moot Court Competition in cooperation with, inter alia, the Council of Europe and the European Human Rights Association. This year's finals took place in Strasbourg at the premises of the Palace of Europe and the European Court of Human Rights on February 14-19.

The UCF team, composed of Isabelle Kopineck, Harriet von Spiegel, Marilena Stegbauer and Matthias Haslberger and coached by UCF's Dr. Stoyan Panov, dedicated long months in preparing for the competition and displayed an excellent performance. The team reached the quarterfinals of the Finals Competition and ranked 6th in the overall tournament from a total of 79 teams from 26 European countries. This deserves special recognition as their competitors came from specialized law faculties. We congratulate the UCF team!

You can find more information on Facebook and




February 5, 2016: Open Days 2016

For all prospective students of the Liberal Arts and Science program, the University College Freiburg will hold two Open Days in 2016. If you are interested in finding out more about the program, meeting the LAS lecturers and LAS students, visiting our facilities, then this is the perfect event for you.

On April 22 and June 10 the UCF opens its doors for prospective students. Here you can find more information.

Join Us 2016


February 2, 2016: "Erzählte Erfahrung: The Professor as a Teacher" Prof. Dr. Hans-Joachim Gehrke

The University of Freiburg regularly invites retired professors to give insights into their academic careers and experiences. Next Tuesday, Prof. Gehrke (UCF Director of Outreach) will look back on his career in academia and present his experiences in and with the academic world. With view to the seemingly dominant role that research plays today and also to his engagement at UCF – primarily a teaching institution –, the focus of his talk is of special interest:Thinking the university from the perspective of teaching and learning.

"Erzählte Erfahrungen: Der Professor als Lehrer", Tuesday, Feb 2nd, 20:00 pm, Aula, KG I

January 26, 2016: Lecture by Prof. Dr. Yulia Egorova "Jewishness, Genetics and Genomic Sovereignty"

Next Tuesday, Yulia Egorova, will give her talk "Jewishness, Genetics and Genomic Sovereignty". The talk is a contribution to the lecture series on Genomics, Identity, and Society, organized by UCF Prof. Veronika Lipphardt.

Yulia Egorova is director of the Centre for the Study of Jewish Culture, Society and Politics at Durham University, UK. Her research interests include Anthropology of Jewish communities, the social aspects of science and biotechnology, and the relationship between science and religion. The talk will take place at 18h at Theater Saal, Alte Universität, Bertoldstr. 17.


January 19, 2016: Lecture by Dr. Celine Wawruschka "Genetic History and National Identity: The Case of Turkey"

Today, Celine Wawruschka will present the findings from her newest research. Her talk "Genetic History and National Identity: The Case of Turkey" will take place at 18h at Theater Saal, Alte Universität, Bertoldstr. 17.

Celine Wawruschka works at the Institut für Mittelalterforschung at the Österreichische Akademie der Wissenschaften. Holding a doctorate in Pre- and Early History as well as Cultural and Social Anthropology she has, among other things, explored early medieval settlement structures and prehistoric economies in Anatolia. The talk is a contribution to the lecture series on Genomics, Identity, and Society, organized by UCF Prof. Veronika Lipphardt.


January 12, 2016: Lecture by Prof. Dr. Catherine Nash "From Race to Region: The Work of 'Geography' in Human 'Genography'"

Today, Catherine Nash, Professor of Human Geography at Queen Mary University of London, will present the findings from her newest research on cultural geography and genetics. The talk is a contribution to the lecture series on “Genomics, Identity, and Society”, organized by UCF Prof. Veronika Lipphardt and will take place at 18h at Theater Saal, Alte Universität, Bertoldstr. 17. More information on Prof. Catherine Nash and the Lecture Talk.


December 4, 2015: The Workshop "think2 – Repräsentationen des Ich" starts

Phenomena of self-conciousness are widely discussed inside and outside of philosophy. Those phenomena include, in particular, self-ascriptions of mental states such as "I think" and "I'm in pain". This capability enables self-conception and self-confidence. The aim of this workshop "think2 – Repräsentationen des Ich" is to discuss various aspects relating to I-representations, in particular in the area of conflict between cognitivists and expressivists.

Please note that the workshop takes place in KG I (Kollegiengebäude I), room 1139!


December 3, 2015: Global (Dis)Order: Conflict – Migration – Capitulation?

This year alone, hundreds of thousands of people have fled the Middle East and Africa to escape civil war and terror. As a result, the influx of refugees Europe is currently experiencing poses many challenges. In light of these developments, the Global Order Project is inviting to their event

GLOBAL (DIS)ORDER: CONFLICT – MIGRATION – CAPITULATION? on Thursday, December 3, 2015, at 18:30 h in the Theatersaal, Alte Uni (Bertholdstraße 17).

As guest speakers the Global Order Project has invited Dr. Epkenhans and Prof. Dr. Krieger from the University Freiburg. Dr. Tim Epkenhans will elucidate what role the historical legacy of decolonization and the end of the bipolar world order play in the disintegration of the Middle Eastern state system, which is fuelling today's migrant streams. Afterwards, Professor Dr. Tim Krieger will give insights on the significance of the refugee crisis for Europe and its immigration policy, in particular regarding border enforcement mechanisms and the perspectives for a quota system within the Schengen area.

After the talks is plenty of time for questions and discussion, followed by an open reception. The Global Order Project is a network of students and experts who are studying issues of Global Order in various disciplines. The project was initiated by the former chief prosecutor of the International Criminal Court Luis Moreno Ocampo in 2014. Currently student groups from University College Maastricht, University College Freiburg and Harvard University are involved in the initiative.


December 1, 2015: New Academic Director at UCF – Welcome Dr. Ursula Glunk!

We are very pleased to announce that, starting December 1, Dr. Ursula Glunk has taken over the position of Academic Director at UCF!

Ursula Glunk's background is in Psychology and Organization Studies. She worked as an Assistant and later Associate Professor at Maastricht University School of Business and Economics. With her strong interest in personal development, learning facilitation and innovation, she moved towards education management - first at Maastricht University, until recently at Zeppelin University. As Academic Director, Ursula Glunk heads the teaching team and plans and oversees all teaching activities at UCF. Together with Paul Sterzel, she is responsible for the daily affairs and further development of the college. We are looking forward to working with Ursula, to her new ideas, initiative and input!


November 23, 2015: Dissertation Prize for Dr. Katharina Kraus

Dr. Katharina Kraus, Assistant Professor at the Chair for Epistemology and Theory of Science, recently received twofold recognition and honors (and funding) – for her past and for her future work:

For her dissertation "Psychological Knowledge in Kant's Critical Thinking" (University of Cambridge, UK, 2014) she was awarded the "Kant-Dissertationspreis 2015" by the Faculty of Philosophy and Education, University of Vienna. The award was presented in the context of the 12th International Kant Congress in September 2015 in Vienna.

Soon afterwards, Katharina was accepted in the Eliteprogramm for postdocs, funded by the Baden-Württemberg-Stiftung, starting 2016. Her research project "The First Person – Semantic, Epistemic, and Scientific Perspective" will investigate the epistemic status of "I-thoughts", i.e. thoughts on our self-related mental states, such as our own beliefs, desires, and feelings. The project integrates philosophy with psychological and neuroscientific studies with the aim of characterizing the specific ability to acquire substantial self-knowledge and the role of such knowledge in science. Beyond honors and recognition, the project receives a research grant of €110,000.

We congratulate Katharina!


November 18, 2015: Open Day of the University of Freiburg

University College participates in the Open Day / Tag der offenen Tür der Universität Freiburg and opens its doors. We invite you to visit our presentations and course. Please note that there is also a smartphone app. We are looking forward to seeing you.


October 29, 2015: Symposium in honor of the 70th birthday of Prof. Hans-Joachim Gehrke 

The Seminar für Alte Geschichte holds a symposium in honor of the 70th birthday of Prof. Hans-Joachim Gehrke, our Director of Outreach. The symposium Historiographie und Vergangenheitsvorstellungen in der Antike takes place from 29.-31.10.2015. We congratulate Prof. Hans-Joachim Gehrke!

Hans-Joachim Gehrke has been involved at UCF since the very beginning – as Director of Outreach and as Representative for the Rector at UCF. This is a special honor for us considering that he can look back on a very successful academic career and life: He trained, educated and inspired generations of students and young researchers in Ancient History and neighboring disciplines. He was (and is!) involved in archaeological expeditions and interdisciplinary historical research that is recognized far beyond the immediate academic community. At Freiburg University, in Germany and beyond, in the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft, in many interdisciplinary research projects, in the Academies of Sciences in Halle, Erfurt and Heidelberg – he took on responsibilities for academia in the broadest sense. Finally, and even after a successful term as President of the Deutsches Archäologische Institut in Berlin, he still had and has the energy and curiosity to provide decisive guidance in founding UCF.

UCF expresses its gratitude and wishes him all the best for the future!


October 27, 2015: Lecture by Prof. Jenny Reardon "The Postgenomic Condition"

Prof. Dr. Jenny Reardon will present the findings from her newest research in her talk "The Postgenomic Condition: Ethics, Justice, Knowledge after the Genome" next Tuesday, October 27, 18-20h in the Theater Saal, Alte Universität. Jenny Reardon is Professor of Sociology and Faculty Affiliate in the Center for Biomolecular Science and Engineering at the University of California, Santa Cruz. Her STS studies on population genetics and genomics have been groundbreaking.The Chair for Science and Technology Studies and the UCF are happy to host the lecture that is also the opening talk of a lecture series on Genomics, Identity, and Society.


October 20, 2015: Updated information for LAS students

The latest versions of the Student Handbook 2015, the Course Catalog WS 2015/16 and the new Studienordnung Bachelor of Liberal Arts and Sciences 2015 can be found and downloaded under Statutes and Handbooks.


October 12, 2015: LAS Welcome Week starts

After an interesting and intense application and admissions period, we are looking forward to welcoming our new LAS students at University College. See more on Facebook.


July 9, 2015: Erasmus Prize Ceremony, UCF Lecture 2015

UCF has established a small tradition with the yearly award ceremony for the Erasmus Prize for the Liberal Arts and Sciences, combined with an external guest lecture (and a bit of a celebration…). In 2013 we celebrated the UCF Inauguration, had Prof. Dr. Hans-Jörg Rheinberger as guest speaker, and awarded the first UCF Erasmus Prize to Michael Schonhardt for his Master's Thesis by on the medieval, monastic book and knowledge culture.

In 2014 Prof. Moreno Ocampo spent a full week in Freiburg and gave his key note speech on the importance of globally-oriented higher education. Next to the Erasmus Prize award for Martin Brösamle and his dissertation on "Architectural Design Processes", Harm Hospers from University College Maastricht was awarded an Honorary Professorship at the University of Freiburg for his academic achievements and his (as well as UCM's!) decisive support in establishing UCF. Finally, we had our first UCF Advisory Board meeting.

Last Thursday, on July 2, we once again hosted the Erasmus Prize ceremony and UCF Lecture 2015 in the Meckel Halle of the Sparkasse Freiburg: Dr. Susanne Gundermann received the Erasmus Prize for her dissertation on "English as a Lingua Franca - Modelling the Role of the Native Speaker", an empirical studies that has very practical implications for our English-taught LAS program. With view to our first generation of LAS graduates Prof. Dr. Dr. Andreas Barner gave us a very interesting and encouraging lecture on "Hochschul-Bildung und Beschäftigungsfähigkeit heute und morgen".

Thanks to all who were involved in organizing the 2015 annual UCF event and for the ongoing support and curiosity for UCF!

See more pictures on facebook.
(Photos by Patrick Seeger and LAS student Alena Zakurazhnova)


June 16, 2015: LAS Program and Application Information

The application period for new LAS students starting the program in October 2015 started on June 1st and will run until July 15th. At UCF, we try to provide prospective, interested students as much information as possible about the LAS program and the application and admissions process:

Open Days: While already over, the two 2015 Open Days were well attended and hopefully provided the right information and assistance. Short documentation is available on the UCF Facebook page: April 24 and June 12. Furthermore, you can find the Open Day presentation slides on slideshare.

Concerning insights into the LAS program itself, its structure, the people involved, and what studying LAS at UCF is like, this website provides information – as does the Liberal Arts and Sciences Online Studychoice Assistant (OSA). Our OSA is interactive, gives you sample tasks and typical study situations and provides help in deciding if LAS is the right program for you!

LAS consultation hours: UCF hosts a weekly consultation hour on Friday afternoons during which staff members are available for your questions concerning the LAS program. Please feel free to contact the central office if you are interested in talking to somebody in person, by phone or Skype:

Sometimes, talking to a current LAS student is more helpful and insightful than talking to staff members... The UCF Student Council has both a Facebook page and a Website. Please feel free to get in touch with current LAS students by Facebook or Email.

We have, finally, compiled all necessary information and links concerning the actual application and admissions process. Please see the UCF website and contact us by Email for any questions:


June 1, 2015: Application and Admissions 2015/16

The Application and Admissions period for the upcoming winter semester 2015/16 started today, June 1st. On our website, we have compiled necessary information concerning the application, the necessary forms and documentation: Application Information

Your actual application is processed by the university's Student Services Center. They provide further information as well as the application forms:


We are looking forward to many interesting applications! 


May 19, 2015: Prof. Veronika Lipphardt appointed as Professor in Science and Technology Studies

After a thorough search procedure, UCF is happy to announce that Prof. Veronika Lipphardt has accepted the Rector's offer to become our professor of Science and Technology Studies. She comes from the renowned Berlin Max-Planck Institute for the History of Science and works on the history of the life sciences, particularly physical anthropology and human population genetics and their social and cultural contexts. Her current research focuses on the history of knowledge about human variation in the 20th century. Veronika Lipphardt studied history, biology, musicology and social sciences in Vienna, Potsdam, Berlin and Freiburg. Her most recent book is about German-Jewish physical anthropologists and geneticists and how they contributed to the scientific debate about the so-called "Jewish race" between 1900 and 1935. We are happy to welcome her at UCF on June 5, and look forward to all the exciting interdisciplinary teaching and cooperation her research suggests! 


April 28, 2015: LAS Course Catalog, Module Handbook, and Brochure updated

We recently updated both the LAS Course Catalog and its underlying Module Handbook. The Module Handbook "translates" and explicates the LAS Rules and Regulations, i.e. the foundation of the LAS program. In every semester, the LAS modules are put to work in the form of concrete courses, found in the Course Catalog.

Module Handbook 2014-15

Course Catalog Summer Semester 2015

Furthermore, we revised the LAS Brochure. See more.


March 25, 2015: UCF and LAS in the Daily Telegraph

The English Daily Telegraph recently interviewed us for a Study Abroad special feature. The article covers various opportunities for English students interested in study Liberal Arts and Sciences. See here for the article.


February 19, 2015: LAS Open Day Dates 2015

We have fixed the dates for the Liberal Arts and Sciences Open Days 2015 at UCF! Our Open Days for the LAS program starting in October will be on April 24th and on June 12th. For more information please see our Open Day site.


December 16, 2014: Admin job announcments at UCF

UCF currently has two positions open in the admin area. For all further information, please check our job offers!


July 16, 2014: Trial lectures for the Professorship "Science and Technology Studies" on July 24 and 25

The University of Freiburg is currently in the process of establishing the second Professorship associated with UCF: "Science and Technology Studies". See the announcement for details concerning the Professorship.

The trial lectures for the Professorship are now scheduled to take place on July 24 and 25 in Room 01011, Werthmannstraße 8/Rear Building:

Thursday, 24.07.2014

  • 13.00: Associate Prof. Dr. Götz Hoeppe – U Waterloo, Ontario/Kanada: "Framing Numero-Politics: On the Practices and Politics of Assessing Marine Resources in India"
  • 15.00: Juniorprofessor Dr. Jörg Niewöhner – HU Berlin: "Localising matter(s) – Ethnographic co-laboration with bio- and geosciences"
  • 17.00: Juniorprofessorin Estrid Sørensen – U Bochum: "The Ritual of Plural Knowledge"

Friday, 25.07.2014

  • 09.15: Prof. Dr. Veronika Lipphardt – MPIWG Berlin: "Narrating diversity, fixing unruly samples. Interdisciplinary entanglements of human population genetics"
  • 11.15: Juniorprofessorin Dr. Susanne Bauer – U Frankfurt/Main: "Accounting for Mutations. Technoscience, Nuclear Ecologies and Post-Soviet Sociality"
  • 13.15: Prof. Dr. Jutta Weber – U Paderborn: "Tinkering With the Unpredictable. A Brief History of Technoscience Culture"


July 16, 2014

University College Freiburg is seeking for its study program "Liberal Arts and Sciences" an academic assistant (geprüfte wiss. Hilfskraft) in the field of Governance starting October 1, 2014 – March 31, 2015 for 50 hours/month, with a possibility of extension. Please check our job announcement!


July 7, 2014: Module Handbook 2013/14 online

The LAS Module Handbook 2013/14 is now on our Media and Publications page. The Handbook is gives a detailed description of the LAS curriculum and its modules especially in the Core and Majors.


June 16, 2014: Job vacancy at UCF

University College Freiburg invites applications for the position of a Project manager (50 % TV-L E 11). For all further information, please check our job announcement


June 6, 2014: New LAS Semester Schedule

The semester schedule of the LAS program has been adjusted. While retaining the successful block format, it now offers an improved fit with the schedule of the University of Freiburg and more structured space for continuous language learning throughout the year. For new LAS student, the academic year will start later in October than it used to: check the dates here.


May 26, 2014: Application and Admissions 2014

Together with the University of Freiburg's Student Services Center (SCS), we have made a few corrections to the application and admissions process. Furthermore, we have revised the information guidelines for the process. The application period for commencing LAS at UCF is from June 1 – July 15. You can find the updated process and information here.


May 14, 2014: LAS Open Days

UCF will be hosting the second LAS Open Day this upcoming Friday, May 16. We kindly invite all interested future students to get to know UCF, LAS and the many people involved. See the program for more information.


March 25, 2014: PBL Workshops

In 2013 and 2014, UCF hosted 2 workshops on Problem-Based Learning (PBL), financed by the Stifterverband in their program Lehren - Lecturer. In the last workshop Prof. Dr. Wim Gijselaers, head of the department of Educational Research and Development at Maastricht University and a leading PBL expert gave a talk on "Principles of Problem-Based Learning (PBL) in Higher Education: How PBL can meet changing educational demands". You can find the video online at: []


March 6, 2014: Job vacancy at UCF

University College Freiburg invites applications for the position of a Lecturer (100% TV-L 13) in the Major "Earth and Environmental Science". For all further information, please check our job announcement!


February 5, 2014: Open Day Program 2014

We have finalized the program for our first LAS/UCF Open Day on March 7, 2014 from 12:00 to 4:00 PM. Please check here for more information.


February 5, 2014: Deadline Erasmus Prize for the Liberal Arts and Sciences

The deadline for nominations for the Erasmus Prize for the Liberal Arts and Sciences is coming up on February 16. Please check here for all information concerning the prize and the nomination process.


2013: Time Flies

Time flies when you're involved in something fun. 2013, UCF's second year, is almost over, and we would like to briefly look back on the past months.

First of all, the second generation of students in our programs Liberal Arts and Sciences, IndiTrack and Faszination Wissenschaft started their studies with great enthusiasm and curiosity. And our first generation has (hopefully) become accustomed to studying in a very special context and have not only taken over responsibility for themselves but also for the second generation. UCF is a growing community!

Also in 2013, we not only institutionalized the UCF directorate and external advisory board, but were honored and excited to welcome Wolfgang Freitag, Professor for Epistemology and Theory of Science, at the University of Freiburg, the Faculty of Humanities and, of course, at UCF.

Finally, 2013 was the year of our official Inauguration celebration, during which we also – for the first time – awarded the Erasmus Prize for the Liberal Arts and Sciences.

Altogether, 2013 was a challenging and rewarding year for all involved with more highlights than can be summarized here. We would like to thank everybody involved at and around UCF for their outstanding commitment and support. Now, it is time to look forward to more challenges and rewards and to wish everybody a peaceful break and plenty of energy for 2014!


December 20, 2013: Call for applications – Professorship in Science and Technology Studies

The Faculty of Humanities has opened the call for applications for the Professorship in Science and Technology Studies. As with the Professorship for Epistemology and Theory of Science, it was established specifically in the context the Liberal Arts and Sciences study program. You can find the call at our job offer page.


December 19, 2013: Interview planning for August 2014

Despite the fact that the application period for the winter term 2014/15 will not commence until June 2014, we can already announce the time period for the interviews: Interviews are expected to take place between August 4th and August 8th 2014. We look forward to your applications and hope this early announcement makes planning your application and summer activities easier.


December 4, 2013: Erasmus Prize for the Liberal Arts and Sciences 2013

The Erasmus Prize for the Liberal Arts and Sciences was awarded for the first time on June 24, 2013, on the occasion of the UCF Inauguration. UCF has now opened the call for nominations for the Erasmus Prize 2013.


November 15, 2013: Volume 1 of the UCF book series "Septem" published

Yesterday, the first volume of the new UCF book series "Septem", which is dedicated to the pedagogical, academic and epistemological foundations of our LAS program, was published at the Rombach Verlag: "Von artes liberales zu liberal arts" covers and compares concepts of Liberal Education in an historical and international perspective. The articles are based on last year's UCF lecture series and includes publications from Bernhard Zimmermann, UCF Dean of Studies, and Ryan Plumley, LAS Course Coordinator "Culture and History".


November 15, 2013: UCF at the University of Freiburg's "Tag der offenen Tür" Nov. 20

Next Wednesday, on November 20, the University of Freiburg will be hosting its annual "Tag der offenen Tür". Throughout the day, the university's study programs open their courses for interests students and the many institutions involved in student life present themselves. UCF will be present with a stand in Prometheushalle/Kollegiengebäude I as of 9 am.


October 31, 2013: Job vacancies at UCF

In order to expand its teaching staff and strengthen the administration of the LAS program, UCF is now looking for

(1) an Academic Program Coordinator and

(2) a Lecturer and Course Coordinator for the Major in "Governance".


October 22, 2013: UCF lecture series "Wissen" winter term 2013

Together with the university's "Studium generale", UCF will again be hosting a public lecture series this winter term. Last year's lectures ("Bildung: Von artes liberales zu liberal arts") covered historical and international concepts of liberal education and will soon be published in book form.

This winter term, the lecture series focusses on UCF's key theme: "Knowledge" ("Wissen"). The lectures (in German) will all be held by professors from the university. They are not only experts in their respective fields (Theory of Science, Ancient History, Mineralogy/Geochemistry, Philosophy of Law, Classical Archaeology, Molecular Embryology, Biomedical Microtechnology), but also all involved in UCF, mainly in the Liberal Arts and Sciences study commission.

Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Freitag, who recently took up the Chair in Epistemology and Theory of Science, will start the program on Tuesday, November 5th.

All UCF students are highly encouraged to participate!


September 11, 2013: UCF/LAS Welcome week and begin of studies 2013

After an intense selection process for the upcoming, second generation of LAS students, we are currently preparing the start of the second year at University College Freiburg. The year will begin on Monday, Sept. 30 with a Welcome Week at UCF and beyond. Together with our first generation of LAS students we will introduce the "freshmen" to the many aspects of studying Liberal Arts and Sciences at UCF and to living in Freiburg as a (new) student.

We will be posting the Welcome Week program soon, so please stay tuned!


August 1, 2013: Documentation of UCF's Inauguration online!

University College Freiburg was officially established as an institution at the University of Freiburg in September 2012 and opened its doors to 78 Liberal Arts and Sciences students and 12 IndiTrack students on October 1. After a very dynamic and successful first academic year, we decided that it was time to celebrate the founding and inauguration of UCF on a larger scale and with the many people that had been involved in this project over the last three years. The perfect occasion was provided by the award ceremony for the Erasmus Prize, a prize for young researchers, donated by the Sparkasse Freiburg-Nördlicher Breisgau and awarded by UCF. We would like to thank our students as well as the many and very diverse guests and supporters that made this – UCF and its Inauguration – possible. On the Inauguration page, you can relive the event as it happened.

May 28, 2013: Video interviews with LAS students online

As announced late April, we updated our website with the interviews with our first-generation LAS students. They talk about their first semester experiences at UCF and give you a general impression about how it is to study Liberal Arts and Sciences in Freiburg. All interview clips are now available here.

April 11, 2013: Thank you for a great Open Day

Last Monday a group of 60 prospective students and parents visited the University College Freiburg to become more familiar with the new Bachelors Program "Liberal Arts and Sciences." We enjoyed the lively conversations and hope that all of you had a good time. We are very happy that there are so many people interested in studying LAS.
If you missed this Open Day there is still time to register on our website for the next Open Day on June 7th.


April 2, 2013: First LAS Open Day 2013 – next week Monday, April 8

Next Monday the first LAS Open Day will take place at University College Freiburg. You can learn more about the LAS study program, talk to students and staff and visit seminars. Online registration is possible until 6 pm on Thursday April 4th . If you cannot make it next week we are also offering a second Open Day on June 7, 2013.

We look forward to having a great first Open Day next week and to meeting many interested students.

March 12, 2013: Liberal Arts and Sciences Program: Two Open Days in 2013

The next application period for UCF's Liberal Arts and Sciences program will start very soon: from June 1 to July 15. Therefore we offer two Open Days this year for prospective students who are interested in this new program:

On Monday, April 8th, we open the college from 1 to 5pm for this year's first Open Day. The schedule of the day can be found here.

We will guide interested students through our academic program with presentations explaining what LAS at the UCF is all about, how it is structured, who are the people behind the scenes, who are the students studying at UCF. If somebody is deeply curious they may even follow an Open Class or Lecture. To get an insight in life at the University of Freiburg, UCF and in Freiburg we offer an information market where participants can meet LAS students, institutions of the University and meet our lecturers face-to-face.

For people who are unable to attend April, 8th, we offer a second date on Friday, June 7.

March 11, 2013: Project "Faszination Wissenschaft"

This summer semester, the UCF's third project will start: in "Faszination Wissenschaft" we will design and offer a new kind of research-oriented module for undergraduates from all the faculties.

The module will introduce B.A. and B.Sc. students to practical perspectives concerning professional careers as scientists or scholars. The main focus lies on developing analytical and conceptual skills for designing interdisciplinary research projects. Students from many different disciplines will work together and practice putting together research proposals in areas that cannot be addressed by one field alone. The first course, which will start in April, will deal with topics in the area of Health and Illness.


January 25, 2013: A good start for the IndiTrack

The first Interdisciplinary Track (IndiTrack) students will soon be completing their first semester of studies. Fudder, an online news journal, recently published a short article which describes some of the students' experiences and reasons for choosing IndiTrack. You find the article here (available only in German). So far the students have found their individually-tailored studies to be more work than they expected, but also very rewarding and interesting.

IndiTrack is a project which enables Bachelor students of the University of Freiburg to undertake an additional year of interdisciplinary studies between the second and third year of their regular programs.

December 19, 2012: Erasmus Prize for the Liberal Arts and Sciences

In 2013 the University of Freiburg will award the Erasmus Prize for the Liberal Arts and Sciences for the first time. This prize underscores the epistemological focus of the Liberal Arts and Sciences concept in Freiburg and rewards an academic work that deals in an exemplary way with epistemological questions in the treatment of its topics. Furthermore, the prize aims to highlight an academic work that makes a special contribution to methodological and theoretical exchange across disciplinary boundaries.

For detailed information about the nomination procedure and the background of the prize please click here.

December 18, 2012: Open Days 2013

For all prospective students of the Liberal Arts and Science program, the University College Freiburg will hold two Open Days 2013: One is scheduled for the beginning of April, the other one in June 2013. If you are interested in finding out more about the program, meeting the LAS lecturers, visiting our facilities, and "tasting" a lecture, then this is the perfect event for you.


December 3, 2012: Welcome Back!

After finishing the first block of the LAS study program on the November 23 and with a short break of one week (the so-called "reflection week") the students return today for their 2nd block of studies. This block runs until mid-February 2013 finishing with one week of exams and another reflection week. To all of our student: We wish you a warm "Welcome Back!"

In cooperation with the University's "Studium generale", the University College Freiburg is hosting a lecture series with the topic: "From artes liberals to liberal arts" this winter term. The lecture series starts in the Antiquity, continues into the Middle Ages and the Early Modern Ages, and finally reaches the present time. Questions concerning education and knowledge will be discussed from the perspective of the different epochs. The schedule of the lecture series can be found here.


October 31, 2012: Consultation hour for prospective students

Starting on November 9th, the UCF will be offering a consultation hour for prospective students who are interested in learning more about the LAS Bachelor degree program. Every Friday afternoon between 1:00 and 3:00 pm a UCF lecturer will talk to prospective students about the Liberal Arts and Sciences program and answer questions.

If you are interested, please register here to participate in one of the consultation hours.


October 17, 2012: UCM @ UCF…

This week, Harm Hospers, Dean of University College Maastricht, is visiting us at University College Freiburg together with Thomas Cleij, Dean of the Maastricht Science Programme, the natural sciences counterpart to the University College Maastricht (UCM).

First of all, we are discussing ways to deepen the partnership between the Colleges, for example via student and faculty exchanges. Secondly, Harm will be holding a lecture on "Liberal Arts and Sciences - Concept and Experiences at UCM". The lecture is part of Nicholas Eschenbruch's LAS Plenary Course.


October 16, 2012: Welcome Week video clip

The LAS students started their studies at the beginning of October with a Welcome Week, where they got to know the academic and management staff of the University College Freiburg and of course their fellow students. Our short video clip summarizes the highlights of the Welcome Week and gives a good impression what the atmosphere was like.


October 4, 2012: Module Handbook online

The LAS Module Handbook for the Winter Term 2012/13 is now on our Media and Publications page. The Handbook is available in English and in German and gives a detailed description of the curriculum of the Winter Term 2012/13.


October 2, 2012: LAS Welcome Week started yesterday!

The first generation of students starts with the new Bachelor program "Liberal Arts and Sciences". After tea and coffee in the common room and a little tour around the city, UCF's Dean of Studies, Bernhard Zimmermann, University's Vice President Heiner Schanz and the whole UCF team welcome the pioneer students in the Theatersaal of the Alte Universität. It is an important day for the College as well as for the students and one can feel the excitement of everyone, to be part of this special program.

The Welcome Week lasts until Friday and it is all about getting to know each other, finding one's way in the University and starting to organize the first semester.


September 24, 2012: Norway Report No.1

Paul Sterzel, our Managing Director, is currently on a "Recruiting Tour" in Norway. The next two weeks he will report on his experiences in Norway.

Report 1: : Road to LAS? More like road from LAS...
I am currently on a "Recruiting Tour" with a group of 15 more or less veteran recruiters from various US colleges and universities. There's one further European on tour, Harm Hospers, Dean of UCM. Most of these people are experts when it comes to recruiting and admissions. It's their job. They know their admissions capacities and regulations etc. by heart, go through hundreds, if not thousands of "apps" per year, speak of particularly interesting high schools in South Korea or Ghana or wherever as if they were around the corner. Luckily, the tour started slowly, with a get together in Bergen, Norway, from where we took the ferry somewhere closer to the Red Cross United World College where I will be presenting UCF and LAS tomorrow. Aside from rather random "spreading the word" about LAS, it's all about getting in contact with recruiting professionals, with international schools and, especially, with interesting potential students! More to come tomorrow evening!


September 21, 2012: We are moving!

The University College Freiburg is moving! From Wednesday 26.9. to Friday 28.9. our offices are closed. Please be aware that phones and email accounts will not be regularly accessible to our staff. On Monday 1.10. we will open the new offices to the public and our new students in our new location: Alte Universität, Bertoldstr. 17, 1st floor.


September 3, 2012: Welcome to our new colleagues

Two more colleagues joined the UCF team: Glenda-Alicia Leung and Lisanne Raderschall. Language-Lecturer Glenda- Alicia Leung holds a double MA in Applied Linguistics and Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) and is responsible for the English teaching at UCF. Lisanne Raderschall studied Liberal Arts and Sciences at the University College Maastricht and therefore is familiar with the LAS concept. As Junior Project Manager, she deals with various organizational and conceptual tasks. We wish Lisanne and Glenda a good start at UCF!


August 29, 2012: Timetable for the first academic year now online

Curious to know how the 2012/13 academic year of LAS is organized? Have a look at the info graphic now online at the Study Preview page. Course, exam and reflection periods as well as semester breaks for the first year of LAS are presented here.


August 15, 2012: Registration now taking place at the University of Freiburg

During the last few days all the admission letters for the liberal arts and sciences program were sent out by the vice chancellor's office of the University of Freiburg. Registration is taking place starting now until the August 31, 2012. The letters of acceptance contain information about the registration process.

You can also find more information here.

We are looking forward to meeting you in October! Enjoy your summer holidays and we hope to see you soon.


August 10, 2012: Sprinting to the finish line!

This week we completed the interviews with perspective students for the Liberal Arts and Sciences program. Many thanks to the candidates for coming to Freiburg - especially those who traveled from other parts of the country or abroad just to meet with us. The letters of acceptance will be sent out by the University of Freiburg next week. We are already busy preparing for our Welcome Week which starts on the October 1.


July 24, 2012: What is the governance major all about?

A video interview with Volker Balli, Coordinator of the governance major, is now available on our website on the Media and Publications page. In the video clip Balli highlights some issues that the students with a governance major will be addressing, for example what are the common problems in this area and who decides how to deal with them.


July 19, 2012: FAZ article about University College Freiburg

Have you read the newspaper yet today? You can read about University College Freiburg in the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung today! The article can be found on page 6 (in the section called "Bildungswelten") and is entitled "Die Vergrößerung des Horizonts" – "The Expanding Horizon." The Liberal Arts and Sciences program and the IndiTrack project are described.


July 12, 2012: What are the majors all about?

We interviewed our four University Teachers and asked them to introduce themselves and tell us more about their specific major. If you want to learn more about "Culture and History", "Life Sciences", "Earth and Environmental Sciences" or "Governance" and the academic staff members of UCF, have a look at our Media and Publications page or watch the video clips directly at the respective major's page.


June 27, 2012: What is the core program all about?

Nicholas Eschenbruch, Director of Education illustrates in a video-interview the objectives of the LAS core and explains why the core program is the backbone of LAS. For more interviews with Nicholas Eschenbruch, explaining the electives and the language area, have a look at our Media and Publications page.


June 19, 2012: Expanded Study Preview

A more detailed Study Preview is now online to give prospective students an overview of how the LAS program is organized.  Each LAS year is described and illustrated separately to provide a comprehensive outline of the curriculum. In addition to that, more information concerning the four majors is now available.


June 5, 2012: LAS Info Day and Open Day video clip

The LAS Open Day on May 18 was a great success! Our short video clip gives you a good impression of the program and the atmosphere of the Day.

Since some potential applicants could not make it and others were not yet aware of the University of Freiburg's new Liberals Arts and Sciences program, we will offer a smaller-scale LAS Info Day on Monday July 2 2012 at UCF

You will have a chance to meet the new program's teaching and administrative staff, ask questions, get more information on the program, admission requirements, and the registration process and have a look at the campus and the city of Freiburg. 


June 4, 2012: How to Apply

What do I have to bring? Where do I have to go? What do I need to send? When do I have to submit my application? When can I register? And how...?

Questions, questions, questions that are important to get answers to in order to meet all the application requirements. The detailed instructions, whether in German or English are sometimes difficult to understand, and therefore we have put together a comprehensive information sheet to help you to get through the "application-jungle". Here is the link:


June 1, 2012: New Teacher

We are happy to announce that our 4th teacher - Dr. Ryan Plumley - has now arrived in Freiburg. Dr. Plumley earned his PhD from Cornell University (Ithaka, USA) for his work on "The Romantic Subject of Textuality: German Literate Culture in the Late Eighteenth Century." 

He is originally from the US, and has moved from Berlin to our beautiful city. Welcome Ryan and we wish you a good start!


May 29, 2012: New: Student advising

Check out our new student advising which will be offered once a week (on Mondays, starting June 4) –  by phone, via Skype or personally in Freiburg in our offices. Dr. Eschenbruch will be available to answer all the questions that you didn't find answers to on our website. Just sign up for a time to get in touch with Dr. Nicholas Eschenbruch, our Director of Education.


May 22, 2012: Thank you for a great Open Day!

The Open Day on Friday was a great success. At our future site, the Old University Quadrangle, we were joined by approximately 80 people from all over Germany (and, in some cases, the world!): mostly prospective applicants and their families, but also journalists and university staff from other faculties. Introductory talks about LAS, guided tours of selected university departments and focussed question and answer sessions gave applicants a feeling for the LAS program, and UCF staff a first impression of our prospective students.

We were impressed by your well-considered questions and your committment to finding a study program that suits you. In the light of your questions, we have updated the Q&A page. Everybody at UCF is now very excited about the start of the application period on June 1 – we look forward to hearing from you. 

A date for an additional, smaller-scale Open Day for all those who could not make it will soon be announced.


May 16, 2012: Ministerial approval for LAS degree program

We are proud to announce that the LAS program has now received official approval from the Ministry of Science, Research and the Arts of the State of Baden-Wuerttemberg. In its quality assurance process, the Ministry has found that the program meets all applicable quality standards and has given us the go-ahead for the next five years. With the approval of the Ministry, the Rules and Regulations for the LAS program are now operational and available in the University's Studyportal.

For us, this authorization means an official acknowledgement of the time, effort and brain power we have put into the LAS program since December 2011 – and it also means we are now ready to receive your applications, starting June 1!


May 15, 2012: Welcome to our new teachers!

Three of our four newly-employed teachers have arrived at the College in Freiburg and are working rigorously on the core program. 

Dr. Volker Balli earned his PhD from the European University Institute in Florence in Social and Political Sciences. His research focused on "Power and Gestalt of Political Concepts". 

Dr. Simon Büchner came to us from the Department of Cognitive Science at the University of Freiburg. After receiving his PhD in Psychology for his research in "Information Processing in Wayfinding", he was working on Spatial Cognition. 

For the Life Sciences program we have hired Dr. Karin Moll who completed her PhD in Biology at the University of Cambridge. Her research addresses biomechanical aspects of insects.  We wish a very good start to all of our teachers!
May 9, 2012: Open Day schedule online!

Open Day schedule online! The detailed program of the Open Day on May 18th is now online.  Between 12 and 5 p.m., Open Day visitors have the opportunity to learn more about the LAS Bachelor program, get to know teachers and members of the University College and join a tour around the university campus. If you're interested, please don't forget to register for the Day.

April 2, 2012: Internationals Student`s Voices

Is studying in Freiburg the right choice for me?  Visit our web page "Study Life" and find out if Freiburg is the place for you. Find out why Freiburg is called the Green City, watch video interviews with international students, and find out what it is like to study and live in Freiburg.

March 6, 2012: More background information on LAS

Would you like more background information on the University College and its program "Liberal Arts and Sciences"? Then watch our Director of Outreach, Prof. em. Hans-Joachim Gehrke, answering questions like "Why did you decide to commit yourself to the University College Freiburg?" For more videos have a look at our Media and Publications page.  


February 15, 2012: Nes videos available

As announced earlier on this website, the interviews of Lina and Chris, two students from University College Maastricht, are now online.

Enjoy the student's general view on "Liberal Arts and Sciences" programs and in particular on the new program at the University of Freiburg! For more videos have a look at our Media and Publications page.


February 9, 2012: LAS Board of Studies founded

Again one step forward towards our new BA program "Liberal Arts and Sciences": Last week our LAS Board of Studies was officially founded by the Rectorate!

The interfaculty steering committee which has played a crucial role in the conceptual development of the LAS program since early 2011 has now been transformed into our official Board of Studies. This Board develops and oversees the curriculum, the admissions regulations and all matters relating to teaching.

The six members of the Board are all professors of our University working in different academic fields that reflect once again the interdisciplinary focus of the LAS program.

The members are:

  • Prof. Dr. Reto Gieré, Faculty of Chemistry, Pharmacy, and Earth Sciences


January 26, 2012: Minister-President Winfried Kretschmann on Campus

It was a great afternoon at the Uniseum with Minister-President Winfried Kretschmann last Thursday! Our staff had the opportunity to inform him and the Minister of Science, Research and Arts, Theresia Bauer, about the University College at the University Freiburg. After concentrated presentations, we had a lively discussion with students, the Ministers and the Rectorate of the University as well as with our guests from University College Maastricht, Lukas Fesenfeld (student, Liberals Arts and Sciences) and Prof. Harm Hospers (Dean).


January 17, 2012: New Year – new videos

Last week Lina and Chris, two students from University College Maastricht who have been advising us about student perspectives on Liberal Arts and Sciences, visited Freiburg. We took the opportunity to ask them some general questions about LAS and what they think about the program in Freiburg. The interviews will be published over the next weeks.


December 22, 2011: Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

In 2011, UCF and the Liberal Arts and Sciences program at Freiburg have moved from a visionary idea to a concrete project with funds, people, rooms and a curricular concept. 2012 is going to be even more decisive, as we will soon become an official institution at the University of Freiburg, finalize the curriculum, hire teaching staff and, finally, welcome our first students. We thank everybody – and there have been many – who have been involved in some role in 2011 for their support. One year from now, UCF and the first LAS program in Germany will be up and running!
Over the coming weeks and month we will provide you with more information about the LAS program and the UCF. So watch this space or connect with us on Facebook.


December 20, 2011: Study Preview and Q+A online

If you would like to find out what studying LAS would mean and what subjects you could be taking, have a look at our Study Preview where we present Study Outlines for the four different majors we are currently planning to offer. The outlines give an idea how the LAS program could look for an individual student in each major. Also, if you have more questions concerning LAS check out the new Questions and Answers page.


December 13, 2011: Get to know UCF people

Who are the people behind University College Freiburg and what are their responsibilities within the College? Have a look at our new UCF Heads page and find out!  


December 1, 2011: New website and first two videoclips online

Today, we launched our website. For a start, you can take a first look at the LAS program with the LAS Fact Sheet, a preview of the study areas and the first background videos with Prof. Dr. Heiner Schanz (Full-Time Vice Rector for Academic Affairs).

Don't forget to connect with us on Facebook.


November 2011: New Administrator

Natascha Gimbel joins our team as administrator. She has previously worked at Freiburg's  Catholic University of Applied Sciences in support roles for international students.


October 2011: New offices and Student Think Tank

The LAS project moves into new offices in the Haus zur Lieben Hand on the University's humanities'  campus, right in the center of Freiburg. We are very happy to find a home in this attractive historical building.

A group of students from University College Maastricht takes up their work as our Student Think Tank, advising us about student perspectives on Liberal Arts and Sciences.


August 2011: Director of Education

Dr. Nicholas Eschenbruch becomes the first full-time member of the UCF team as Director of Education. He knows College environments well from his own time at the United World College of the Adriatic and at Oxford University (St. John's and St. Antony's). A Social Anthropologist and Historian by training, he has been involved in interdisciplinary research and teaching in Medical Anthropology and History for about a decade, and has also trained as a group facilitator and counselor.


Early 2011: Director of Outreach and Dean of Studies

Having been envisaged by the Vice-Rector since 2008, the founding of a University College and the introduction of a Liberal Arts and Sciences degree at the University of Freiburg finally take a more concrete shape:  we receive the go-ahead from the funding agencies and support from the local business community; a group of professors from all eleven faculties takes up its work as our steering committee; and we are very pleased to be able to recruit outstanding academics from within the university for two essential positions: Prof. Hans-Joachim Gehrke as the College's Director of Outreach and Prof. Bernhard Zimmermann as the LAS program's Dean of Studies.