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#10 The Student Perspective

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LAS programs are student-centered – LAS students are central in the classroom and they have a lot to say about the program overall, about UCF, and Freiburg.

We have a whole range of student life information on UCF and the University, Freiburg and housing, scholarships, and extracurricular student activities.

More importantly, we have collected many LAS student and alumni voices and perspectives:

  • #LASstories – testimonials from LAS students across different cohort and Majors
  • Student experiences during their studies abroad (on all continents except Antarctica)
  • And the stories our LAS alumni have to tell about their time at UCF and what they are doing after LAS.

For impressions beyond our website, please see the website of the UCF Students Council that serves as a platform for the many LAS interest groups and various student committees and projects.

Meet the UCF Students Council

What do LAS graduates have to say about the program?


This sequence was part of a video Magdalena Burtscher and Patrick Léon Gross, two LAS alumni, produced for the LAS Graduation Ceremony 2018.

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