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Dr. Stoyan Panov: Lecturer

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Stoyan Panov received his education at the University of Birmingham, Leiden University, Georgetown University, and DePauw University. Currently he is responsible for teaching Public International Law, Principles of Law, ECHR Moot Court, and the EU in Perspective courses at UCF. Stoyan Panov has also taught classes on EU Law, International Human Rights Law, EU Policies in Practice and Introduction to the Studies of Law among others. His major teaching and research interests are in international law, international criminal law, international human rights law, and EU law and politics.
Room 01066


Selected Publications

  • Mikalayeva, L., Panov, S. & Schleutker, E. Reflective writing for enhancing knowledge integration in modularised study programmes, Eur Polit Sci (2018), accessible at
  • Panov, S. Pecunia non olet? Legal Norms and Anti-Corruption Judicial Frameworks of Preventive Confiscation, Crime, Law and Social Change (Springer 2017), accessible at
  • Panov S. Case Note: Case of Vasiliauskas v. Lithuania in the European Court of Human Rights, Genocide Studies and Prevention: An International Journal: Vol. 10(3) (2016) 81-87, accessible at
  • Panov S. Harmonize, Recognize or Minimize: A Borderless European Judicial Space? The Application of the European Arrest Warrant and Its Effect on EU Integration, The Birmingham Journal for Europe, Vol. 3 (2014)
  • Panov S. Judicial Anti-Corruption Reforms in Bulgaria and the Role of the EU in Judiciary Regulation Legislation, Sudosteuropa: Zeitschrift fur Politik und Gesellschaft, Vol. 61(2) (2013) 193-218


Selected Conference Presentations

  • Panov, S. Lessons from the Effect of Populism on the Rule of Law in Central and Eastern Europe, Populism, Nationalism and Human Rights Conference, Maastricht Law School, Maastricht, the Netherlands, January 2018
  • Panov, S. I am a Citizen of EUrope: Legal and Political Aspects of the EU Citizenship, "Citizenship and Belonging in Europe – Historical and Contemporary Perspectives" Symposium, German-Italian Centre for European Excellence, Villa Vigoni, Italy, November 2017
  • Panov, S. (co-presenter) Reflective Writing in Modularized Study Programs: Building Bridges, European Consortium of Political Research General Conference, Oslo, Norway, September 2017
  • Panov, S. Pecunia Non Olet?:  Legal norms and anti-corruption judicial frameworks of preventive confiscation, 2nd Interdisciplinary Corruption Research Forum "How to Conceptualize Corruption?" Sciences Po, Paris, France, June 2017
  • Panov, S. And Justice for All: Closing the Impunity Gap through Prosecutions for Crimes Committed during the Communist Regime in the Baltics and Bulgaria, 2nd Annual University of Tartu Conference on Russian and East European Studies, University of Tartu, Tartu, Estonia, June 2017
  • Panov, S. The Modern Theater of War, the Narrative of the 'War Hero', and Impunity, FRIAS Conference, Freiburg, Germany, June 2016
  • Panov, S. How to Research Anti-Corruption?, Interdisciplinary Corruption Research Forum: How to Research Corruption Conference, ICR Network, Amsterdam, the Netherlands, June 2016