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Thorsten Leiendecker: Academic Program and Core Coordinator

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Thorsten Leiendecker studied English, German Literature and Philosophy at the Universities of Bonn and Freiburg. After completing his Master’s Degree in English Literature and Culture, he was coordinator of the research group History in Popular Cultures and of the Freiburg Graduate School Humanities. Thorsten is currently completing his PhD thesis on the relation of popular culture and high arts in an expanded field.

As academic program coordinator Thorsten is involved in the strategic mid- and long-term organizational and curricular planning of the LAS program. He also coordinates the Core courses and is teaching in the Core.

Thorsten is also responsible for LAS program consultation. For consultation inquiries, please contact him at:

Tel. +49 761 203-67614
Room 01069a


Academic Interests

My current research focuses on the relations of popular and 'high' culture. In my PhD thesis I analyze the overlaps between the two in an expanded cultural field and their roots in social, economic and technological transitions. The popular cultures I explore are both artifacts and practices and at the same time structures, which leads to a new evaluation of cultural value and hierarchies.

As coordinator of and lecturer in the Core, I am particularly interested in the digital transformations of the 21st century. This includes how the process of digitalization changes the world we live in but also how aspects of responsibility and structural leadership can influence this ongoing development.

Short Vita

  • since 2017: Academic Program Coordinator of Liberal Arts and Sciences, Lecturer and Coordinator of the Core section at UCF
  • 2013-17: Freelance Webdesigner
  • 2010-12: Coordinator of the Graduate School Humanities and Social Sciences of the University of Freiburg
  • 2008-10: Research Assistant at the English Department of the University of Freiburg
  • 2007-10: Coordinator of the research group History in Popular Cultures (DFG-FOR 875)
  • 1999-2005: Master of Arts in English, Philosophy and German Literature at the Universities of Bonn and Freiburg 


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  • Leiendecker, T. (2010) "Authentizität als literarischer Effekt: Der Fall Shakespeare." In: Echte Geschichte: Authentizitätsfiktionen in populären Geschichtskulturen, Eva Ulrike Pirker/Mark Rüdiger et al. Bielefeld: transcript: 195-214.
  • Leiendecker, T. (2008) "Barthes and the Bard: Two Film Adaptations of A Midsummernight's Dream." München: grin.
  • Leiendecker, T./Einhaus, A. (2009): History in Popular Cultures – Database.
  • Leiendecker, T./Einhaus, A./Schüly, C. (2007): British War Correspondents – Database.
  • Leiendecker, T./Lethbridge, S. (2007): Index Britischer Lyrikanthologien 1557-2007. 

Conference Papers

  • Don't Feed the Troll: Disturbing Online Communication. Conflict and Contention (Queen Mary/London, May 2011)
  • Re-Writing as a High-Cultural Strategy in Popular Fiction. Retelling Tales (Stirling/UK, May 2007)
  • 'That can sing both high and low': Jasper Fforde's Popular Appropriation of High Culture. Trinational EUCOR Conference (Freiburg/GER, December 2005)