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The Science and Technology Studies Colloquium is an opportunity for students--both undergraduate and graduate--and Science and Technology Studies scholars to come together to discuss research and engagement in the field.  The colloquium combines lectures from locally- and internationally-based junior and senior academics, presentations by University of Freiburg students on thesis- and dissertation-related topics, and open discussions about pressing issues in the field.  It is both a chance to learn about current research and to connect with students and scholars who are interested in issues related to the interplay among science, technology and society.

The colloquium is open to the university community, broadly defined, and we encourage interdisciplinary participation.  Registered students can sign up for nominal university credit. Colloquiums are informal and are generally conducted in English.

Each semester, the colloquium has a different theme, focus, and schedule.  Please check back regularly for updates on upcoming meetings

In Winter Semester 2017/18 the colloquium will not take place due to Prof. Lipphardt's reasearch semester.


Summer Semester 2017

Block Seminar

9 and 10 June 2017

Final Session

date to be announced



Please contact Dr. Nicholas Buchanan () with questions.