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Academia Meets Industry

The seminar series "Academia Meets Industry" aims at stimulating transdisciplinary discussions between university members and high profile industry managers. In the seminars, the practical perspective of the guest speakers encounters the education and research priorities of the university and thus allows an unprecedented dialogue on opportunities and risks of current and future research developments in the life sciences.

As they encounter the complexity of real world challenges from multiple perspectives throughout their study program, the series is of particular interest to LAS students. Especially, but not only, students from the Governance and Life Sciences Majors have the opportunity to get insight into topics that researchers and practitioners are currently dealing with at the interface between academia and industry. Students are encouraged to critically reflect upon societal expectations, governmental responsibilities, commercial constraints, and the interests the different stakeholders have.

June 22, 2016


The seminar series is jointly organized and hosted by

Contact information

Prof. Dr. Christoph Borner
Institute of Molecular Medicine and Cell Research
+49 761 203-9624 (Office)

Past Seminars

Dr. Hagen Pfundner
CEO Roche Germany
"Beyond Health & Profits"

Prof. Dr. Andreas Barner
CEO Boehringer Ingelheim
"Business and Ethics"