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Welcome to the LAS Open Days at UCF!

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We warmly invite you to join our 2023 online and in-person Liberal Arts and Sciences Open Days at UCF! See more on our Open Day formats and dates below. If you want to explore Freiburg, UCF, and our LAS Program immediately, the #tiles at the bottom of the page are a great place to start!

Online Open Days

In 1-hour online sessions, staff and students introduce you to the LAS Program and are available for questions. Some sessions are general, some focus on specific Majors or the Application & Admissions process. We will continuously update the dates below, so stay tuned! You can download the presentation here (PDF, 1.2 MB).

Please register min. 1 day in advance: You will then receive the Zoom link

  • Friday, March 31: general LAS Online Open Day
    15 – 16 pm CET with Dr. Mila Mikalay, Lecturer and Governance Major Coordinator

  • Friday, April 21: general LAS Online Open Day
    10 – 11 am CET with Dr. Simon Büchner, Lecturer and Life Sciences Major Coordinator

In-person Open Days at UCF

In spring/early summer 2023, we will host two in-person Open Days in Freiburg for prospective LAS students: staff and students present UCF and LAS and are available for questions. In addition, we have an open information market and tours of the downtown Freiburg University campus.

  • Friday, May 12: 1 – 4 pm
  • Friday, June 23: 1 – 4 pm

More information to follow soon!


Impressions from past Open Days

A typical Open Day program includes...

presentation-ursula-glunk.jpgpresentations-at-ub.pngpresentation-student-council.jpgucf-hallway.jpgCakeInformation Market StudentsInformation Market Governanceinformation-market-sign.pngopen-day-rp.pngCampus TourCampus Tour UBopen-day-tour.png

2022 LAS Open Day presentation (PDF, 2.6 MB)

Questions? Contact us!