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Maik Niemeck

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Maik Niemeck
Alte Universität, 1. OG
Bertoldstr. 17
79098 Freiburg, Germany 

Dissertation Project

Self-Consciousness: Epistemic, Semantic and Metaphysical Aspects (working title)

My research project focuses on the phenomenon of self-consciousness. There are two interrelated and highly debated issues concerning the phenomenon at hand. One discussion covers the question whether there are any semantic or epistemic peculiarities of self-ascriptions regarding the thinkers own phenomenally conscious states. Another debate that builds upon this former question concerns the issue of how consciousness and self-consciousness need to be understood in order to account for these semantic and epistemic features. The project will take a stance on these debates and hence is set up to examine semantic and epistemic characteristics of specific self-ascriptions and to develop a theory of self-consciousness that is able to account for the findings made.

Areas of Specialization

Theories of Subjectivity and Consciousness

Areas of Interest

Philosophy of Mind: Intentionality, Mode/Content-Distinction, IEM, Non-Conceptual Contents, Personal/Subpersonal Distinction

Philosophy of Language: Indexicals, Proper Names, Propositional (esp. De Se) Attitudes

18th–19th Century Philosophy: F.C. Brentano, J.G. Fichte, early F.D.E. Schleiermacher

Brief Academic CV

2016 Research Assistant, University College Freiburg, Albert Ludwig University Freiburg

2016 Master of Arts in Philosophy and Sociology, Georg August University Göttingen

2014 Visiting Graduate student, Department of Philosophy, University of Notre Dame (USA)

2013 Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy and Sociology, Martin Luther University Halle-Wittenberg

Grants & Scholarships

2017 Teaching Fellowship, University College Freiburg

2014 Tuition fee scholarship of the University of Notre Dame (USA)

2014 DAAD Travel-Scholarship

2014–2015 Germany-Scholarship (Deutschlandstipendium)

Presentations (* peer-reviewed)

Jan 2018  University of Göttingen, Research Colloquium of the Chair in Theoretical Philosophy (Dolf Rami):
Why the Subjective Character of Experience might be best understood as a Mode.

Dec 2017  University of Freiburg, Think4: Self-Consciousness – Philosophy meets Empirical Science: What Philosophers think about Mineness.

Nov 2017  University of Notre Dame, Current Issues on Self-Consciousness: Comment on Kenneth Williford’s
Self-Acquaintance Account.

Nov 2017  University of Freiburg, ETS-Colloquium: How to refute De Se Skepticism?

Oct 2017  University of Fribourg, LG2C: How to account for the Subjective Character of Experience? *

Sep 2017  University of Salzburg, SOPhiA: First-Person Thought and Rational Action. *

Sep 2017  University of Bochum, PLM4: How to refute De Se Skepticism? *

Aug 2017  University of Munich, ECAP9: First-Person Thought and Rational-Action. *

Aug 2017  University of Hertfordshire, ESPP Meeting: First-Person Thought and Rational Action. *

Jun 2017  University of Cambridge, The Human Mind Conference: First-Person Thought and Rational Action. (Poster) *

May 2017  Charles University Prague, Brentano Summer School: Varieties of Subjective Character – Towards a Neo-Brentanian Approach. *

Apr 2017  University of Freiburg, ETS-Colloquium: Varieties of Subjective Character.

Nov 2016  University of Freiburg, ETS-Colloquium: First-Person Thought and Action.

Jun 2016  University of Freiburg, ETS-Colloquium: Non-Conceptual Self-Consciousness.

Apr 2014  Charles University Prague, Workshop on Schelling‘s Philosophy: Zur Herleitung vom analytisch-synthetischen IchAkt bin IchBegriff in Schellings System des Transzendentalen Idealismus.

Jul 2013  Charles University Prague, Workshop on Fichte’s Philosophy: Zum Begriff intentionalen
Selbstbewusstseins bei Reinhold und Fichte.