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Professorship in Science and Technology Studies

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STS is a relatively young field of academic inquiry, one that reflects, follows and comments upon science, technology, and academia, and how they shape (and are shaped by) society. Our vision of STS is broad; it includes sociological, anthropological and historical approaches to studying scientific knowledge and technologies, but also knowledge and techniques more generally. (If it did not sound a bit ridiculous, "Knowledge Studies" would perhaps capture the comprehensive approach we embrace.)

Please note: Despite the fact that much of her teaching, supervising and advising takes place at the UCF, Prof. Dr. Veronika Lipphardt is not the College's Director or authorizing officer. She is one of the nine members of the Directorate of UCF which meets once a year (last meeting: July 2020). As a professorial member of the Faculty of the Humanities, Prof. Lipphardt's teaching and research are placed in various institutions of the University of Freiburg, with an emphasis on the professorship's role in connecting members from various Faculties in interdisciplinary research and teaching endeavors.

Together with colleagues from a range of disciplines, we are pursuing interdisciplinary research on BGA prediction and DNA phenotyping. Some of our results have been published in journals of various disciplines. We have also communicated our findings to the public. For more information, please check the initiative's website:

We founded this initiative after a brutal murder case in October 2016 in Freiburg, when many called for legalizing controversial techniques for analysing DNA. You can download our responses to these calls here:


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