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LAS Application & Admissions

We have an annual intake of about 80 new LAS students. Selection is based on your academic achievements and motivation for studying with us in Freiburg. The application period runs from June 1 – July 15, 2023.

Application Guideline – How to Apply for the LAS Program

LAS Application & Admissions in 4 Basic Steps

Application & Admissions Process

1. Your LAS Application

There are two application pools based on your citizenship and your University entrance qualification:

  • Pool 1 for citizens from EU and EEA member states (Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway), and for international applicants with a German Abitur
  • Pool 2 for non-EU and non-EEA citizens without a German Abitur

Dual citizens apply with the citizenship "closest" to Germany: 
German and any other → as a German citizen
EU or EAA and a non-EU/-EAA citizenship → as an EU or EAA citizen
two non-EU/-EAA citizenships → either

While the application pools are assessed separately, the processes are largely the same and based on the Admissions Regulations for EU and for non-EU applicants respectively.

You submit your (online) LAS application as follows:

The University uses the "dialogue-oriented service procedure" (DoSV) to coordinate applications for popular undergraduate courses – including LAS. The Student Service Center provides information on the DoSV here.

With your registration at, you will receive two numbers: a BID (Bewerbungs-ID = Applicant ID) and a BAN (Bewerbungs-Authentifizierungs-Nummer = Applicant Authentication Number).

You register on the Uni Freiburg application portal where you can enter your BID and BAN to allow automatic data transfer from and to enable email notifications. To start your application, select "Bachelor" and the study program "Liberal Arts and Sciences" in the drop-down menu under "Your desired degree program".

After completing the application form and uploading the application documents listed below, you can check and edit your application. Then, please confirm that your data is correct and submit your application using your BID and BAN numbers. We recommend downloading the application control sheet for your records.

The Uni Freiburg Student Service Center provides further information on the online application process.

Application documents

For matriculation at the University of Freiburg, you must provide originals of all application documents:

University entrance qualification

  • A University entrance qualification consists of your school leaving diploma and your transcript of grades.
  • Documents not in German, English, French, Spanish, or Italian must be translated into German or English by a certified translator or approved by a German Embassy or Consulate.
  • Non-German University entrance qualifications including the International Baccalaureate must be recognized by International Admissions and Services (IAS). Please consult their information regarding your eligibility to study at a German university before applying.

B2 English proficiency

Applicants must provide proof of English proficiency at minimum B2 level according to the CEFR. You can find a list of language certificates accepted at the University of Freiburg here under "English B2".

Application essay

500 words, in English, answering the following application essay question: "In your opinion, which aspects of today's societies (nationally or internationally) are definitely worth preserving for the future?" (2023)

Please see our guideline for composing your application essay.

Letter of motivation

Maximum of 500 words, in English, outlining your motivation for studying LAS at the University of Freiburg.

Please see our guideline for composing your letter of motivation.

Declaration of authorship

The Declaration of authorship ("Erklärung") is a mandatory part of your LAS application. Please print and sign the following declaration, then scan and upload it to the application portal:

"I hereby confirm that the Letter of motivation and the Application essay have been composed by me and are my own work, unless stated otherwise."

LOM Signature




Your First and Last Name
Your Email address

Student Orientation Procedure

You must provide confirmation of having completed a "Student Orientation Procedure". The LAS Online Study-Choice Assistant (OSA) is such a procedure. More importantly, it is an interactive tool that provides insights into studying LAS and includes helpful videos, links, and information on student orientation.

Confirmation of the applicant

The "Confirmation of the applicant" form is provided in the application portal. Please download, print, sign, scan, and re-upload it to the application portal.

2. Recognition of Your Qualifications

We verify that your application includes all required application documents and that they are valid. If you submit your application by July 1, we will notify you in case of missing and/or invalid documents.

In addition, non-German school leaving certificate must be recognized as a German University entrance qualification by the University's International Admissions and Services (IAS).

Applications that do not fulfill the requirements listed above will not be considered for LAS selection.

3. Selection

LAS is a selective program. Not all applicants are admitted. Per LAS application pool, the applicants are ranked according to

  • the (converted) final grade of your University entrance qualification
  • your application essay
  • your letter of motivation

4. Admissions

Acceptance and Matriculation

You will be notified by email from about your acceptance or rejection (ca. end July). If you are accepted, you have to actively accept or decline our offer on the portal:

  • If you accept it, you can download the official letter of acceptance from the Uni Freiburg application portal.
  • If you do not intend to accept the offer, please make a prompt decision and decline the offer on so as to unblock that study place for waitlisted prospective students.

Together with your letter of acceptance you will receive information on matriculation at the University of Freiburg. UCF will provide you further details about starting your LAS studies. During our Welcome Week, planned for the week of October 9, we will introduce you to LAS, to each other, the city and the University of Freiburg!

Deferred Admissions: Postponing admission for one year is only possible if (1) you are a German citizen, have a German Abitur, and/or are an EU or EEA Citizen with a University entrance qualification from an EU or EEA country, and (2) you will be doing a mandatory or voluntary military or civil service or caring for a child or relative.

Timeline – Key Application & Admissions Dates

Application & Admissions Timeline

With the exception of the stated deadlines, these dates are subject to change. Neither UCF nor the Student Service Center can provide information on the status of your application before the specified dates.

Further Information

If you would like information and advice beyond the application guideline, join us for our LAS Open Days. And get in touch with us in the meantime: