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Chair in Science and Technology Studies

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Welcome to the Chair for Science and Technology Studies (STS) at University College Freiburg. STS is a relatively young field of academic inquiry, one that reflects, follows and comments upon science, technology, and academia, and how they shape (and are shaped by) society. Our vision of STS is broad; it includes sociological, anthropological and historical approaches to studying scientific knowledge and technologies, but also knowledge and techniques more generally. (If it did not sound a bit ridiculous, "Knowledge Studies" would perhaps capture the comprehensive approach we embrace.)

Wissenschaftliche Initiative zu Erweiterten DNA-Analysen
After a brutal murder case in October 2016 in Freiburg many called for controversial techniques for analysing DNA. You can download our responses to these calls, which urge caution, here:
For more information, please check the initiative's website:

Our team is multidisciplinary by training, teaching and research.

Prof. Dr. Veronika Lipphardt
Dr. Nicholas Buchanan
Dr. Mihai Surdu
Sarah Fründt, M.A.
Cedric Bradbury (Student Assistant)
Sarah Weitz (Student Assistant)

Room 01031a
Silvia Stösser
Office hours: Mo-Fr, 9-12
Tel. +49 761 203-67628


Our current research projects reflect our interests in population thinking and categorization in the life sciences, both in historical and in contemporary perspective; however, as our team expands, our research agenda will broaden considerably. For research projects, click here.


Our teaching is currently situated in the Liberal Arts and Sciences Bachelor Program at University College Freiburg. In the years to come, we will also teach in various other programs at the University, such as Interdisciplinary Anthropology, History, or Anthropology. For current teaching activities, click here.


We have established a Colloquium Series, the Summer 2018 theme of which is Society/Environment/Biology. In addition, the Chair hosts other events, such as film series, lecture series etc. Here you can find an overview of our events in recent semesters. Please also check "News & Blog" for current events.

Cooperations and Links

We sustain cooperations with colleagues from many different disciplinary and national backgrounds that share an interest in similar issues from related perspectives. Furthermore, we are keen to provide some links we consider useful. For more information, please click here.