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The LAS Program has an annual intake of 80 students. It is selective; not all applicants are admitted. Selection is based on academic achievements and motivation for studying LAS in Freiburg.

The information here refers to the 2020 application and admissions process under Coronavirus conditions. It will remain online until we have concrete information on the 2021 process. We expect the application period 2021 to revert back to June 1 – July 15.

LAS Application Guidelines 2020

The guidelines summarize the LAS Admissions Regulations (Auswahlsatzung). There are two processes – depending on your citizenship and where you acquired your University entrance qualification. Please read and follow "your" guideline carefully:

Dual citizens must apply with the citizenship "closest" to Germany:
German and another citizenship → application as a German, i.e. as an EU citizen
EU or EAA and a non-EU/-EAA citizenship → application as an EU or EAA citizen
two non-EU/-EAA citizenships → application with either

Tuition Fees: The State of Baden-Württemberg charges tuition fees for non-EU students (€1,500 per semester) and for students seeking a second Bachelor degree (€650 per semester). For more information, including exemptions, please see the Student Service Center.

Brexit: In the Brexit transition period until 31.12.2020, British citizens apply as EU citizens. They must pay the non-EU tuition fees (€1,500 per semester) starting Summer Semester 2021.

Deferred Admissions: Postponing your LAS admission for a year is only possible if (1) you are a German citizen, have a German Abitur, and/or are an EU or EEA Citizen with a University entrance qualification from an EU or EEA country, and (2) you will be doing a mandatory or voluntary military or civil service or caring for a child or relative.

Student Service Center – The Starting Point for your LAS Application

The Student Service Center informs and advises on study offerings and applications at the University of Freiburg – including LAS. 

During the application period, you can apply for the LAS Program on the Application Portal; the portal language can be changed to English in the bottom right corner (desktop) and in the navigation menu (mobile).

Contact and Questions

If you have questions beyond the information provided here and by the Student Service Center, contact us!