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Internationality is an important aspect of the Liberal Arts and Sciences program. This shows in the course contents as well as in the composition of students. By now, already more than 25% of LAS students are non-German and the tendency is rising. Moreover, the number of exchange students from our partner universities is increasing from year to year. Such an international environment enriches the study experience at UCF.

LAS students are encouraged to spend part of their studies in a foreign country. About 80% of all LAS students seize the chance to gain experiences abroad – usually during their third year of study. The following pages cover information about

If you are interested in studying at UCF for one or two semesters as an Incoming Exchange Student on one of UCF's exchange programs, please consult the information on the
Liberal Arts and Sciences program at UCF, on Student Life in Freiburg, as well as the Questions and Answers. Please note that it is only possible to study at UCF as an exchange student if you are an incoming student on one of UCF's exchange programs.

For more information, please contact Anne Klemperer:

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