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Prospective Students stripe

If you, as a prospective LAS student, do not find the information and insights you need on our website, you can get in touch with us directly:

LAS Application Inquiries

For questions concerning the LAS Application & Admissions procedure and requirements, please contact us at:


LAS Open Days

Each spring, UCF opens its doors to prospective students and offers an in-depth view of our LAS program. For more information on the Open Days please check our events page.

Consultation Hour

We offer weekly Consultation Hours (in person, by phone, or via Skype) on Friday afternoons from 1:00 to 3:00 pm. An LAS Teaching Staff member is available for questions about the Program. If you would like to reserve a slot, please email us at

LAS Majors

For specific questions about one or more of the LAS Majors, please contact the respective Course Coordinator:

  1. Earth and Environmental Sciences / Environmental and Sustainability Sciences: Dr. Sabine Sané at
  2. Life Sciences: Dr. Simon Büchner at 
  3. Governance: Dr. Mila Mikalay at
  4. Culture and History: Dr. Ryan Plumley at  

University Services and Advising

The University Student Service Center has an overview of the services and advising the university and other institutions offer, e.g. in terms of academic advising, administrative services and information for students, information and support for students with a disability, social and financial as well as career services. UCF also offers support and advising.

UCF Students Council

Meet the UCF Students Council at the LAS Open Days or contact the Student Mediators. They are happy to answer any questions concerning student life at UCF or how it feels to be a LAS student. You may also ask them for a meeting to show you around and share their experiences at UCF: 

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