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Letter of Motivation

Prospective Students stripe

LAS Application – Letter of Motivation Guideline

Your letter of motivation is an important part of your application to the Liberal Arts and Sciences Program. It offers us the opportunity to get to know you as a person and young scholar beyond your academic achievements and grades. The letter is your opportunity to share what motivates you to study LAS in Freiburg, but also and more importantly: what drives your desire to learn about the world?

Your letter of motivation should, for example, address some of the following questions:

What is your understanding of an interdisciplinary Liberal Arts and Sciences education? Why do you want to study LAS in Freiburg? Why and what do you want to learn? Since LAS is about tackling complex challenges, you should tell us about intellectual or academic questions that you find particularly interesting or inspiring. How do these relate to the LAS Core, Majors, or other aspects of the LAS program at UCF?

We want to hear what makes you passionate about learning and educating yourself. What are the questions that you struggle with or the problems that are important to you? How does your interest in specific parts of the LAS program in Freiburg relate to your previous experiences (e.g. stays abroad, internships, school projects) or address your future plans? If you have achievements that you think make you especially suitable for LAS or interests and ideas for which you think LAS would be a great starting point, these should be mentioned in the letter as well.

The letter of motivation should be no longer than 650 words and written in English. Keep in mind that you do not need to present yourself as the perfect candidate – nobody is. Most of all, we advise you to be honest with yourself and with us.

We encourage you to use the letter as an exercise in finding out what you want learn and how studying LAS in its various facets at UCF is related to this.