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Dear UCF Alumni,

We hope that you will have fond memories of your studies in Freiburg and that you are putting your knowledge and potential to good use. Wherever your interests and plans take you, we encourage you to stay in touch with UCF and with your Alma Mater, the University of Freiburg! 

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  • The UCF student alumni organization "alumniLAS" is now part of the Alumni Freiburg e.V. The official accreditation was presented to Gregor Ranft, UCF Fachchapter chairman, by Prof. Dr. Ursula Schaefer at the LAS Graduation Ceremony 2019.
  • Joining the UCF alumni organization is easy and free of cost for the first five years after your graduation: Simply sign up to the Uni Freiburg Alumni e.V. and state that you are an LAS graduate.
  • If you want to become engaged as an alumni, please get in touch with alumniLAS at . We are open for all suggestions, ideas for events, networking activities...

Prof. Schaefer Handing Over Gregor Ranft


"It's on! The LAS Community has officially joined the Alumni Freiburg e.V. to become an effective member of the University's Alumni Community. This step will provide added benefits to our own UCF Alumni and make it easier for us to organize the transition from student to alumni. We have worked hard and are happy to be the University's first official subject based Alumni e.V. Fachchapter!" Gregor Ranft

Stay in touch and let us know what you're up to!

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Thank you and see you soon in Freiburg!