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UCF was founded in 2012 at the University of Freiburg as a platform for innovative, interdisciplinary, and internationally oriented higher education. By combining the setting of a German research university with a student-centered college in the spirit of American Liberal Education, UCF and its Liberal Arts and Sciences Program (LAS) bring together the best of two academic traditions – traditions that have shaped research and education around the world.

300 students from about 40 countries are enrolled in the LAS program. The quality of our education and alumni has been recognized by Master and PhD programs as well as employers around the world.

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 Freiburg by Karl-Heinz Raach

 UCF Courtyard by Marcus Kaufhold

This unique and ambitious endeavor has raised awareness with other higher education institutions, the press, as well as funding institutions in Germany and beyond. Many of our students have successfully applied for stipends from prestigious institutions such as the Studienstiftung des Deutschen Volkes or the DAAD. We have received third party funding as well as private donations, e.g. a grant by the Max Kade Foundation for the renovation of two auditoria and by the C.H. Beck Stiftung for LAS Teaching Fellowships. Donations to UCF for the purposes of research, teaching, and/or cultural activities at UCF are tax-deductible.

We can only succeed with your support – support that can take on different forms!

Beyond general purpose donations, there are concrete people and projects you can support at UCF:

Students and Scholarships

At UCF, students are engaged in an international setting and, as exchange students, build bridges to other countries and continents. Read more about Lara's study abroad experience in the US or about our alumni who, by now, are spread out around the world.

  • International Mobility Scholarship – more than 75% of our LAS students spend a semester or year abroad. And we have many UCF incoming exchange students from around the world. Support international student mobility (travel costs & living expenses per semester): $7,500
  • Cost of Living Scholarship at UCF for EU students (8 semesters, living expenses): 8 x $5,500 = $44,000
  • Cost of Living Scholarship at UCF for International Students (8 semesters, living expenses & tuition fee): 8 x $7,000 = $56,000
  • Student projects, excursions, conferences – help us establish a fund to support remarkable student activities that reach beyond the LAS curriculum (for example the Global Order Project): $10,000.
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Teaching Fellowships & Lectureships – innovative interdisciplinary formats

UCF has in-house staff but also brings in external "Teaching Fellows" from within and beyond the University, for e.g. for specialized areas of the LAS curriculum such as "Responsibility and Leadership". We are now looking to diversify and expand our pool of UCF Teaching Fellows beyond Freiburg and Germany. The LAS curriculum is open and flexible regarding new academic fields and instructors!

  • Teaching Fellowship Junior (Europe-based post-doc fellow for 1 semester): $45,000
  • International Teaching Fellowship Junior (international post-doc fellow for 1 semester): $55,000
  • Teaching Lectureship Senior (Europe-based professorial fellow for 1 semester): $70,000
  • International Lectureship Senior (international professorial fellow for 1 semester): $80,000

The LAS Program can also accommodate for short-term teaching formats, e.g. eight week blocks or intensive two week courses. And ideas for longer-term formats, e.g. a multiannual, rotating visiting professorship or the establishment of a new professorship at UCF, are very welcome as well!

These support formats focus on the innovation and interdisciplinarity of teaching and learning at UCF. And they can all be expanded to include our partners in North America (e.g. Schreyer Honors College at Penn State) or in Europe (e.g. the Université de Strasbourg and the University of Amsterdam / Amsterdam University College in the context of our European University Initiative – EPICUR)

Developing the College

UCF is situated in the "Alte Universität", one of the university’s most atmospheric and oldest buildings. We are continuously looking to enhance the learning and teaching infrastructure at UCF – labs, a library, guest housing – in order to add more 21st century to a 16th century setting. Our most ambitious dream is completely renovating the currently vacant loft of the "Alte Universität" – a perfect setting for UCF and a major landmark for the University, right in the center of Freiburg.

au-stich.png Alte Uni Bertoldstr

At the University of Freiburg, UCF has a strong institutional and intellectual base. And UCF is committed to the German model of publicly funded research and higher education. However, UCF is not simply an innovative higher education institution. We aim to transform higher education in Freiburg and in Germany and aspire to have a global impact beyond Freiburg.

If you would like to support our work at UCF, US-based donations are welcome and possible via the Friends of Freiburg – Alumni North America.

For further information and if you’re interested in visiting UCF, please contact us at: 

Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. mult. Hans-Joachim Gehrke
UCF Director of Outreach
Tel. +49 761 203-67342

Paul Sterzel
UCF Managing Director
Tel. +49 761 203-97557