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Handbooks and Board of Studies

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Here you can download the LAS Course Catalog, Student Handbook, and Study and Exam Regulations. Information on the LAS Board of Studies is available below.

Statutes and Handbooks

Course Catalog

LAS Course Catalog

The Course Catalog provides information on all LAS courses. It is published at the end of a semester for the upcoming semester. The latest information on individual courses is available on ILIAS. Regarding course registration, please carefully read pages 3 and 4.

Student Handbook

Student Handbook Academic Year 2023-24

The Student Handbook provides information on academic and administrative processes in and for the LAS program.

Module Handbook

The Study and Exam Regulations (Studien- und Prüfungsordnung; StuPO) are the LAS Program's foundation. The English versions are for convenience and not binding.

The Module Handbook 2020 (2015) further specifies the StuPO.

LAS Admissions Regulations

The Admissions Regulations define the LAS application and admissions process for 


Course Catalogs

Student Handbooks

Study and Exam Regulations 2012 and according Module Handbook 2012

Board of Studies

The interfaculty LAS Board of Studies (Studienkommission) develops LAS recommendations and is responsible for implementing the Study and Exam Regulations. It includes University of Freiburg professors, UCF faculty members, and students. It appoints members of the LAS Board of Examiners (Prüfungsausschuss) that ensures that the Study and Examination Regulations are observed and adjudicated as required.


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