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Here, we provide information for students who are interested in studying at University College Freiburg (UCF) for one or two semesters as an incoming exchange student from our partner institutions. It is not possible to register at UCF unless you are participating in an exchange from one of our partners.

If you have questions that go beyond the information here, please see the current LAS Student Handbook and/or contact Anne Klemperer:

Academic Affairs at UCF and the University of Freiburg

UCF provides a framework in which students and staff can work together closely and create an open and vital study environment – the Liberal Arts and Studies Bachelor Program (LAS). The interdisciplinary LAS curriculum combines academic breadth and depth in its Majors and provides students with choice and development opportunities within a learning community and a structured framework.

  • You can find information about UCF's academic calendar and the University semester times here. Please note that UCF's schedule is not identical to the University's semester times.
  • UCF uses the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS). One ECTS credit corresponds to a workload of about 30 hours. Most LAS courses carry a 6 ECTS credit workload, a full semester consists of 30 ECTS credits. UCF applies a German 5-point grading scale, ranging from 1 (excellent) to 5 (not adequate). 
  • UCF offers two kinds of courses: eight week block courses or semester-long courses. Students can combine the two and are allowed to register for a maximum of five LAS courses per semester. The LAS Course Catalog is available here.
  • You can can take language courses (German and other) at the Sprachlehrinstitut (SLI), the University's language department. Additional fees are charged for most SLI courses. For Erasmus and other exchange students (not DD students!), a limited number of German courses are offered free of charge. Students interested in participating in these classes need to register online during the registration period. Please see the SLI course catalog for more information.
  • Incoming exchange and DD students can take classes in other departments at the University of Freiburg. Bachelor level classes are usually taught in German. You need B1 or B2 German proficiency and permission to participate, and participation is not always possible. Registration varies from department to department. The University Course Catalog can be found here.

Student Affairs in Freiburg

On our website, we provide information and resources on student life at the College, the University and in the city of Freiburg for prospective LAS students. Much of this applies to incoming exchange students as well. We would like to highlight the following resources:

  • Incoming exchange students of the University of Freiburg can find information concerning visas, health insurance, housing, registration at the University, residence permits, etc. here.
  • The Erasmus Office of the University of Freiburg provides information for incoming Erasmus students. Once you have been nominated by your home university for an Erasmus study visit in Freiburg, you will receive further information from the Erasmus Office.
  • The German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) provide a lot of useful information for incoming exchange students on preparing for your studies and getting started once you arrive in Germany. On the DAAD website, you can find information about applying for visas and residence permits and about health insurance.