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For purposes of student exchange and academic collaboration, UCF has partnerships with higher education institutions around the world. 

  • UCF is an active member of international higher education networks focusing on Liberal Arts and Sciences, e.g. ECOLAS (Consortium of European Colleges of Liberal Arts and Sciences).

In 2010, the German Council of Science and Humanities, the leading advisory body to the German federal and state governments on all matters concerning science, research, and universities, published Recommendations on the Differentiation of Higher Education Institutions. One recommendation was the establishment of University Colleges and interdisciplinary undergraduate programs – following the Dutch example.

The founding of UCF did not happen in a vacuum but must be seen in the context of the European Bologna Process and ongoing debates on higher education. Since its founding in 2012, UCF has generated attention among policymakers, higher education institutions, foundations, and private actors in Germany and beyond. 

For its establishment and projects, UCF has received funding and support from, inter alia, the following institutions and initiatives: 


If you are interested in collaborating with and/or supporting UCF, please contact us at:

University College Freiburg
Paul Sterzel (Managing Director)
Bertoldstraße 17
79089 Freiburg

Tel. +49 761 203-97557