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Inditrack Testimonials


Lisa, Computer Science Bachelor student, IndiTrack 2013-14

Which courses/subject areas did you study during your IndiTrack year?
I took courses in the Department of Philosophy: “Theories of Knowledge and the History of Science,” “How Technology Changes the World,” and “Basic Principles of Ethics.” In Theology I took “Virtue and Leadership – Ethics for People in Management Positions.” In the Law Department I took “Constitutional Law II (Fundamental Rights).” I also took a course from the Master’s Program in Interdisciplinary Anthropology called “Topics in Anthropology,” and two courses in basic Turkish from the Center for Key Qualifications (ZfS). 

What made you want to participate in the IndiTrack program?
At the University of Freiburg it is only possible to study Computer Science as a one-subject-area program, so it was not possible for me to take a minor in another field of studies as part of my Bachelor’s program. As such, it is a rather narrow program, and I hoped through IndiTrack to have the chance to broaden my education and to see how other fields of study could help me to gain a new understanding of my own field. In particular, I was interested in gaining a better understanding of the ethical and moral problems which are encountered in Computer Science. 

Were your expectations fulfilled?
Definitely! The IndiTrack program enabled me to gain new knowledge and perspectives which I could apply to my subject area. I therefore feel that I now have a much deeper understanding of Computer Science.

What did you like best about IndiTrack?
One of the very best things about IndiTrack was the contact with the other IndiTrack students and the discussions we had. Before IndiTrack I only rarely had the chance to engage in such interesting discussions on a wide range of topics!

What did you learn from IndiTrack?
The most important thing that I learned was that a good discussion which might end without a clear result can be more enlightening than shorter conversations, tasks or calculations with clear outcomes.

Do you view your own field of study differently after your IndiTrack year?
As a result of having been introduced to other perspectives, I have become more critical concerning the approaches to knowledge and the methods which are most often used in Computer Science. In addition, I think that I now have a better understanding of this field of studies and a clearer picture what I like (and don’t like) about it.

Would you recommend IndiTrack to other students?
IndiTrack is a good addition to their studies for students who enjoy the study program that they have picked, but would like to go beyond what is offered in the curriculum and explore new and different perspectives. IndiTrack is a good opportunity for students who would like their studies to include a broader perspective on the area of studies than is offered by their degree program. IndiTrack is for all students who want more from their studies than a degree on a piece of paper, and for all students who view the opportunity to study as a way to gain personal enrichment.


Lukas, Bachelor student in Sports Science and Cognitive Science, IndiTrack 2012-13

What‘s special about IndiTrack?
I think that IndiTrack is a unique program which helps you to see your own subject area from a new perspective and to become familiar with other fields in completely new ways.

What made you want to participate in the IndiTrack program?
I mainly wanted to participate in IndiTrack in order to gain knowledge which is relevant for my major (Sports Science). Because Sports Science is a very interdisciplinary field, I can benefit from additional courses in related areas such as physics, biology or psychology. In addition, I hoped that my IndiTrack year would be a lot of fun and full of good experiences!

Were your expectations fulfilled?
In general, yes. IndiTrack was exciting and it was really interesting to see how different the methods that are used in the various fields of study really are.

Would you recommend IndiTrack to other students?
IndiTrack is a good opportunity for students who are interested in studying something other than their major and minor fields for a year and who are flexible and want to delve into other subjects.

Do you view your own field(s) of study differently after your IndiTrack year?
Because Sports Science is interdisciplinary and is comprised of many different subject areas spanning humanities, social sciences and natural sciences, it was interesting to experience the differences between different fields “first-hand”. It was also very interesting to see how the “core disciplines” from Sports Science, such as physics and biology, are taught to students majoring in those subjects.

What did you learn during IndiTrack?
Because introductory courses cover a broad range of knowledge, in biology and physics I was able to learn a lot of things that can be applied to Sports Science and brush up on, as well as add to, what I had learned in these subjects at school. In addition to many other things, I also learned a lot about methods and ways of working in other fields. For example, the biology lecture that I attended included a lab course in which, using a microscope and a pencil, I learned to draw cells.

How would you describe IndiTrack in three words?
Independent, comprehensive, personal