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Dr. Ryan Plumley: Lecturer and Course Coordinator

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Ryan Plumley began his study of European intellectual history with a B.A. from Rice University (Houston, USA), continuing with an M.A. and Ph.D. from Cornell University (Ithaca, USA). In both places he pursued fundamentally interdisciplinary projects based in literary studies, philosophy, and history. His most recent work revolves around the theory and practice of the public sphere, especially amongst the intelligentsia. He is an experienced teacher, having taught in a number of capacities at Cornell, and as visiting faculty at the European College of Liberal Arts of Bard (Berlin, Germany).

Dr. Plumley is responsible for the Major Culture and History. In his teaching for Culture and History, he strives to create an animated and open-minded context in which intense engagement with specific works sustains wide-ranging reflection.
Room 01067