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After LAS Stories

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Below, our alumni have their say and tell you where their studies, work, and projects have taken them. Also, have a look at the "Alumni Reportage", a video documentary with many alumni interviews produced in the context of an LAS course on Journalism. Please see here for general After LAS information.

Carl Deußen: Major Culture & History

Carl TestimonialCarl Deußen majored in Culture and History and graduated from UCF in 2017. After UCF, Carl enrolled in a Master program in Museum Studies at the University of Amsterdam. Currently he is holding a joint PhD research position at the UvA and the Rautenstrauch-Joest-Museum Köln.

"When I started LAS, working in a museum had not been my plan at all – I was not even a keen museumgoer. This only began to change during my year abroad in Ecuador... Read more."

Patrick Léon Gross: Major Earth and Environmental Sciences

Patrick Leon TestimonialLéon majored in Earth and Environmental Sciences and graduated from UCF in 2018. Currently, he is finishing his Master in Innovation Management, Entrepreneurship, and Sustainability in Berlin and Vienna. He is also co-founder of the Berlin Doughnut Coalition.

"Studying environmental science in a liberal arts framework has given me a broad appreciation of the major processes of environmental change and the people and institutions involved in them. Read more."

Lucca Jaeckel: Major Life Sciences


Lucca majored in Life Sciences and graduated from UCF in 2019. Currently he is enrolled in a Master in Social, Cognitive, and Affective Neuroscience at FU Berlin. Alongside his studies he is working as a research assistant at the Visual Perception Lab at the Clinic for Psychiatry and Psychotherapy at Charité.

"At UCF I initially pivoted back and forth between different strands of mental health and biomedical research. Read more..."

Marilena Stegbauer: Major Governance


Marilena majored in Governance and graduated in the pioneer LAS cohort in 2016. After UCF, she enrolled in a Master of Law (LL.M.) in International Criminal Law at the Irish Center for Human Rights, NUI Galway. She is now an independent human rights consultant based in London.
"During my final year at UCF, I became interested in international law and the mechanisms designed to protect those most vulnerable from gross human rights violations. Read more..."

Benedikt Kau: Major Life Sciences

Benedikt Testimonial

Benedikt majored in Life Sciences and graduated from UCF and University College Maastricht in 2018 as a double degree student. Before starting the Master program Computer Science at University College London, he spent 16 months in Beijing as a DAAD-scholar.

"I chose LAS with the intention of specializing in social sciences – and ended up in a MSc Computer Science at UCL. Read more..."

Elena Kloppmann: Major Culture and History

Elena UN

Elena Kloppmann, graduated 2018 from UCF and majored in Culture and History. She interned at the United Nations Headquarters in New York City this past year and advises her fellow students and alumni: "Don't doubt yourself and dare to dream big."

Here you can read more of the interiew of Friends of Freiburg with Elena.

Daniel Hölle: Major Life Sciences

Daniel LS TestimonialDaniel majored in Life Sciences and graduated from UCF in 2017. After his LAS studies he decided to apply for the Master program Neurocognitive Psychology at the University of Oldenburg, where he recently started his PhD position within the Emmy-Noether-group Neurophysiology of Everyday Life.

“My final years in the LAS program have sparked my interest in psychological research. Read more...”

Daniel Müller: Major Governance

Daniel Testimonial

Daniel Müller was among the pioneer LAS cohort and majored in Governance. Daniel's passion is the Social Enterprise sector. And he found it through LAS. After his studies in Freiburg he worked for two social enterprises and is currently finishing his Master’s degree in Philosophy and Economics.

"Is it possible to address societal and environmental challenges through social innovation? Read more..."

Swenja Reil: Major Culture and History

Swenja Testimonial

Swenja Reil majored in Culture and History and graduated in the pioneer LAS cohort in 2016. After her LAS studies in Freiburg, she completed a Master’s in Gender and Culture in Swansea University, UK. Now she is back in Dortmund and about to start her own business.

"After graduating from UCF, I stayed in Freiburg for a little while in order to make up my mind about what is next. Read more..."

Lennart Hesse: Major Governance

Lennart in ValenciaLennart was part of the LAS pioneer cohort and graduated from UCF with a major in Governance in 2016. After graduating, Lennart studied the Master's in Management at the Universidad Carlos III de Madrid. Since 2017, he has been working as Business Development Manager for an international IT company in Valencia, Spain.

“During my undergraduate studies in Freiburg, I worked as student assistant to the rector of the University. Read more..."

Caterine Hinestroza Torres: Major Culture and History

CaterineCaterine graduated with the pioneer LAS cohort. After her LAS studies with a Major in Culture and History, she completed a Master's at the University Autonoma of Barcelona. She is now back in Colombia with her own project.

"After graduating from LAS I decided to enroll as a student for an Online Master Program, Public Relations and Communication Agencies. Read more..."

Veronika Vazhnik: Major Earth and Environmental Sciences

veronika-penn-state.jpgVeronika is a pioneer UCF alumna from the LAS class of 2016 with a Major in Earth and Environmental Sciences. She started her PhD graduate studies at Penn State University in August 2016 (BioRenewable Systems and Operations Research).

Her work focuses on creating a decision support tool that would assist in spatial and temporal planning of farm operations. Read more...

Giorgio Chiara: Major Culture and History

Giorgio Testimonial

Giorgio was a student of the pioneer LAS cohort. After LAS he did various internships and completed his Master's at the Erasmus University Rotterdam in Cultural Economics & Entrepreneurship. Now he is working for a conference production company in Berlin as a Business Development Manager.

"After graduating from UCF I was unsure about how to continue my studies; thus I decided to … Read more...”

Theresa Weinstein: Major Life Sciences

Theresa in BerlinTheresa is another pioneer UCF alumna from the first graduating LAS class of 2016. She majored in Life Sciences and this is her story:

"After graduating from LAS, I was unsure whether I really wanted to choose science as my career path and to join a research-oriented master’s program right away. I decided to first do something completely different. Read more..."

Saskia Bauer: Major Governance

saskia-edinburgh.pngSaskia majored in Governance and graduated in 2017. She is currently doing an MSc in Sport Policy, Management & International Development at the University of Edinburgh. Here is her story:

"Having finished my Liberal Arts and Sciences degree with a major in Governance, I had many different options of what do. Read more..."