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Double Degree Program

Double Degree UCM

The double degree program between the University Colleges Freiburg and Maastricht highlights our close partnership and the commonalities between our didactic and curricular concepts in Liberal Arts and Sciences (LAS). Students who participate in the program spend the third year of their UCF LAS degree in Maastricht. At the end of their four-year program, they earn a Bachelor’s degree in Liberal Arts and Sciences from UCM in addition to the Bachelor’s degree from UCF. The program started in 2014 and is open to a maximum of five students per academic year on each side. UCF students, for whom fees are waived at UCM, can choose courses from the UCM Course Catalog during their year in Maastricht; prerequisites may apply. For Freiburg students, the exchange year follows the UCM calendar.


  • is an honors liberal arts college at Maastricht University and offers a wide range of courses entirely taught in English,
  • is an international college where more than 40 different nationalities are represented,
  • focuses on Problem-Based Learning, an innovative teaching method where students learn in small classes in a dynamic learning environment,
  • has friendly staff and students who will ensure you have a great academic and social experience on your exchange.

Study program

The prerequisites and specifications for Freiburg students enrolled in the double degree program are defined in the UCF LAS Rules and Regulations (“Studien- und Prüfungsordnung”). In order to qualify for the double degree, Freiburg students must take at least the following courses and credits in the context of the exchange:

  • 8 regular UCM courses, 5 ECTS credits each (= 40 ECTS credits)
  • 2 UCM projects, 5 ECTS credits each (= 10 ECTS credits); alternatively, one project can be substituted by two UCM skills courses (2.5 ECTS credits each).
  • double degree final project, 10 ECTS credits (= 10 ECTS credits); the final project does not have to be completed by the end of the exchange year, but before graduation.

The study program at UCM should include some form of academic work and/ or reflection on the Liberal Arts approach as practiced by the two institutions; the exact form of this will be arranged individually following the interests of the students.

Experience with the Double Degree Program

The program started in September 2014, and the first impressions from participants are very encouraging:

"To my mind, the double degree program in Maastricht is for students who have high academic ambitions, a passion for learning and are striving for a strong level of intellectual development. The PBL system contributes a lot to the unique and different learning environment at UCM: I am surprised how much I can learn from fellow students in the discussions and at the same time contribute in expanding their horizons. But studying at UCM means far more than enjoying a top-notch education. It also embraces being part of a strong community, enjoying a highly international environment and meeting like-minded people – both among students and among teaching staff. Whoever loves the cozy city of Freiburg and the thought-stimulating atmosphere at UCF, will have even more reasons to be thrilled about studying at UCM. At least I am!"


Anne Klemperer, International Coordinator