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Welcome New Students!

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Welcome International Students

We warmly welcome our new LAS students at UCF!

Here you can find information, videos and links for the start of your studies at UCF and in Freiburg. We will continuously update this page, so please check back regularly.

Welcome Week

The LAS Welcome Week takes place from October 26-29, 2020. We will host online and offline events to make sure all first-year students can participate no matter where they are. The most recent welcome week schedule is available here; changes may (and will) occur.

University of Freiburg resources

University College Freiburg resources

Meet the people at UCF!


If you have any questions, contact us at or write the LAS student mediators at

For those who were not able to join us in person at the Sign Up or want to re-live the experience, please have a look at Max’ rendition of the tour of the Old University building.

Get some first impressions on student life in Freiburg, presented by our LAS students:

More welcome videos from the university