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And please see our After LAS page for stories and next steps from our LAS alumni.

Nils: Class of 2020 – Major Life Sciences

Testimonial NilsI think one universal thing I would like to stress is that everyone's experience in studying LAS is going to be different in terms of interests, specialization or even satisfaction with the program. So, if you consider studying at UCF, you should be prepared to be surprised, to change plans, to challenge your ideas and sometimes to live with some insecurity about where you're going.

Academically, I am focusing on the convergence of the Life Sciences Major with mathematical and computational modeling, specifically Systems Biology and Computational Neuroscience. Pursuing my specific interests would certainly have been more difficult in a bachelor program with a fixed curriculum, so for me, the flexibility of LAS was a huge benefit. Read more

Xinyuan: Class of 2018 – Major Earth and Environmental Sciences


I chose to Major in Earth and Environment Sciences (B.Sc.) because I would like to do more for environmental sustainability, and chose Freiburg for its particular reputation in that area – it is the heart of the Greens, a political party that advocates environmental justice and has consistently run the city for many years.

I love the college atmosphere and the interdisciplinary, progressive approach that the program takes. … Given another chance, I would still choose University College Freiburg all over again. Read more

Julius: Class of 2019  – Major Governance

Testimonial Julius

I am a student of the fourth LAS cohort and I chose the Major Governance. I really enjoy studying at UCF because it brings together so many different people and thus, creates a truly diverse program where everyone is enriching each other.

With my major, I had the chance to study multiple things in the area, ranging from international human rights law, to welfare states up to the history of Empires. The Core gave me training in ethnographic methods, in understanding epistemology and logic and in reflecting on myself. Read more

Manon: Class of 2016 – Major Culture and History

Testimonial Manon

When I started to study LAS in 2012 as part of the first cohort, I had no idea how interesting and challenging the following four years at UCF would be. I decided quite early to Major in Culture & History ... 

The courses at UCF demand the students to engage with a topic intensively and actively. ... After (almost) four years in the LAS program I can definitely say that I profited immensely from it. I not only found my academic interest in gender studies, but moreover made a lot of friends and had the chance to spend some years in a beautiful city. Read more

Andrés: Class of 2020 Major Earth and Environmental Sciences

Andrés Testimonial

I am currently in my third year of studies, majoring in Earth and Environmental Sciences. For me, it was not always clear that I would be choosing this path. Personally, the foundational year really did help me to take a specialization that I am increasingly more interested in.

For the third year of studies, which UCF encourages you to spend abroad, I chose University College London, which has been particularly beneficial to define my specialization within my major. Studying abroad has given me the opportunity to follow my interest... Read more

Ruth: Class of 2017 – Major Life Sciences

Testimonial RuthI am a student of the second cohort of Liberal Arts and Sciences and I chose Life Sciences as my Major. I am very content with this choice of Major, nevertheless I highly appreciate the unique possibility to gain insights into different other fields of academia through taking courses from other Majors and in the Core area. ...

All in all, the LAS program certainly not only provides an education in a particular academic field, but it also allows you to develop as a person through encouraging independent study, reflection, and critical exchange with others. Read more

Saskia: Class of 2017 – Major Governance

Testimonial SaskiaMy name is Saskia and I'm a Governance Major at UCF. The past three years of studying Liberal Arts and Sciences have been a life-changing experience for me. I met people from different countries and cultures and together we took on the challenge to gain in-depth knowledge about a variety of fields from different disciplines. ...

LAS teaches us to ask questions, to believe in ourselves and our abilities, and to bring about change. Besides academic knowledge, this is probably one of the most important skills I have acquired and improved while being an LAS student at UCF. Read more

Daria: Class of 2016 – Major Culture and History

I am a Culture & History Major from the first cohort at UCF and will graduate in 2016. I chose the Liberal Arts and Sciences Program because I wanted to educate myself broadly, and learn about learning and the texture of knowledge if you will. ... The classroom engagement is quite different to other university courses in Freiburg or abroad (I spent 2 semesters in Trinity College Dublin), the students in the LAS courses are very critical and excited. The most interesting discussions, however, take place outside the classroom. I consider myself very lucky to be able to live in Freiburg. Read more

Veronika: Class of 2017 – Major Governance

Testimonial VeronikaI entered the program with a vague idea of what Liberal Arts and Sciences were about – I wasn't sure what to expect of the upcoming four years. ... I am majoring in Governance which addresses political science, economics, law, and all the subjects in between. I enjoy the possibility to integrate courses such as "Human Security", "International Human Rights" or "Peace and Conflict Studies" into my studies next to having an extensive introduction into the different fields of social sciences. ... Freiburg is a great city to live in. It is small enough to get around by bike but there is a lot to explore: Concerts, proximity to nature, cafés, student bars, theater, sports – there is something for everybody. Read more


And please see our After LAS page for stories and next steps from our LAS alumni.