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Science Journalism

In the past winter semester 2019/20, UCF Teaching Fellow Prof. Sabine Rollberg offered the course "Journalism: Natural Science, Social Science, and the Humanities".

Prof. Rollberg introduced a group of students to the world of science journalism, including guest lectures by Jean Pütz, Dr. Manfred Schneider, (SWR, and head of international science conference), Anett Sager (ARTE) or Heinz Greuling (Science Media Center), who gave insights to their perspectives on science journalism.

LAS student Elena: "We now know that it takes a really long time to come from the very first idea for a film project to the realization, to the interviews, to the cutting and the montage. We also got to experience that this whole process is even more slowed down with a pandemic intervening the other day.

The more proudly we can finally present the results of our long work! Some short clips from different topics from the academic field, prepared and embellished so you can enjoy watching them now."

Four films were produced by students in this context, covering a wide range of topics:

Alexandertechnik – Stress ist das Gegenteil von Kunst

A film by Luna Mahler, Finn Gessert and Catrina Kaufman

Alexander Ecker. Wahrnehmung und Erinnerung in Freiburg

A film by Jana Raschdorf and Fenja Jahn

Treating Depression with Psychedelics

A film by Carla Hartmann, Elena Kolb and Nora Naumann

Virginity. Breaking the Hymen Myth

A film by Lorena Unger, Lauren Powers and Arina Kondrateva