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University College Freiburg hosts numerous events, both festive and academic, throughout the year. The announcement of these events and more information on them can also be found on our News & Blog and Facebook page.

Erasmus Prize for Liberal Arts and Sciences

UCF has established a tradition with the yearly award ceremony for the Erasmus Prize for Liberal Arts and Sciences combined with an external UCF guest lecture. The Erasmus Prize is funded by the Sparkasse Freiburg-Nördlicher Breisgau. Here you can read more about the past laureates and ceremonies.

LAS Graduation Ceremony

Every October, after the Welcome Week for our new students, we come together to celebrate our LAS Graduation Ceremony and to congratulate and bid farewell to our LAS Graduates. Here you can get an impression of our Graduation Ceremony 2016, 2017, 2018 and 2019.


LAS Open Days 2020

UCF opens its doors twice a year to give a more detailed and in-depth view of the Bachelor program Liberal Arts and Sciences. Read more about the upcoming LAS Open Days 2020.

Welcome Week

Every October, UCF hosts a Welcome Week for all new students starting the Liberal Arts and Sciences study program. Have a look and get a first impression of the Welcome Week.


Interdisciplinarity and Employability Event 2015

The "Interdisciplinarity and Employability Event" at University College Freiburg took place in December 2015. The two-day event focused on (1) the challenges of interdisciplinary teaching and the employment opportunities for the program's graduates within the broader context of higher education reform and on (2) providing the LAS students networking possibilities with selected guests.


UCF Inauguration

University College Freiburg was founded and welcomed its first generation of LAS (Liberal Arts and Sciences) students in 2012. Together with the very first award ceremony for the "Erasmus Prize for the Liberal Arts and Sciences" University College Freiburg also celebrated its Inauguration in 2013.