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The Electives account for 72 out of the total 240 ECTS of the Liberal Arts and Sciences (LAS) program. 

In their Electives, students can choose from a wide range of courses at UCF and the University of Freiburg. The Elective section is also designed to accommodate studies abroad, internships, supervised independent study, or further language studies. Electives allow students to supplement their Major and to shape their specific academic profile.

Depending on their intellectual interest and future plans, students use the Electives to either deepen or broaden their studies. Some students take Elective courses to gain additional insights in the field of their Major. Others purposefully select courses from different disciplines to broaden their perspective. It is also possible to choose courses from another LAS Major as Electives.

Academic advisors are ready to support students in making well-informed and meaningful choices regarding their Electives. Please note the regulations on the Electives as defined in the Study and Exam Regulations as well as the procedures and forms for credit recognition in the Electives as laid out on ILIAS.