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After LAS

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UCF Graduation Ceremony 2016

The day will come when you receive your LAS degree and ask yourself: "What comes after LAS?"

At the end of your studies, you are awarded an internationally recognized B.A. or B.Sc. degree from the University of Freiburg. This is the starting point for new destinations. As the LAS community reaches far beyond Freiburg, it is also your entry pass into the UCF community as alumni.

On the following pages, we provide information on:

Career Perspectives for LAS Graduates

  • Master and PhD programs our graduates are enrolled in
  • Career paths for LAS graduates

After LAS Stories

  • First-hand accounts from our graduates across cohorts and Majors
  • Interesting and inspiring stories from around the (academic) world

How to stay in touch with UCF and the University

  • University of Freiburg Alumni Association
  • LAS Alumni – alumniLAS