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Towards a European University and a European LAS Bachelor Program

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For the "European Universities Initiative" (EUI), nine Universities in seven countries joined forces as EPICUR – European Partnership for an Innovative Campus Unifying Regions.

EPICUR is a pilot future European University and explores new ways of sharing learning and teaching geared to a new generation of European citizens, to face the great societal challenges of of tomorrow. At the heart of EPICUR's educational provision is the Liberal Arts and Sciences (LAS) tradition and a firm belief that students and teachers alike benefit from collaboration in higher education.

In July 2022, EPICUR won the new EUI call launched by the European Commission!


For information about courses and events, please visit the virtual EPICUR Inter-University Campus (EIUC). To apply for courses, log on to the EIUC under "Apply here!", click on your home University tile, enter your University credentials (e.g. myAccount for Freiburg students).


Be EPICurious and join us on this adventure in collaborative international higher education!

EPICUR's educational course offerings are regularly published on the EPICUR website.


Dr. Kerstin Fest
Project Manager and Lecturer EPICUR "European Identities"


Stefanie Klose
Project Manager and Lecturer EPICUR "Natural and Societal Sustainability Studies"

Randall Pass Dr. Steven Randall
Project Manager and Lecturer EPICUR "Track Core"

For insights into Kerstin, Stefanie, and Steven's LAS-based approach to a "European eye for complex issues", please see the Uni Freiburg press pages.

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