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#6 Students at UCF

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Student Life in Freiburg: LAS students share their favorite spots!

(Produced by Maya and Lukas)

Students are at the heart of our work. Here, we provide information...

Our students and alumni provide you with their own perspectives on studying LAS in Freiburg.

See what they have to say about the LAS Program, UCF, Freiburg...

  • #LASstories by LAS students across cohorts and Majors
  • Study abroad student experiences on all continents (except Antarctica)
  • After LAS stories from LAS alumni about their time at UCF and what they are doing now

For further impressions, please see the UCF Students Council that serves as a platform for the many LAS student interest groups as well as committees and projects.

What do LAS graduates have to say about the program?


(produced by Magdalena Burtscher and Patrick Léon Gross, two LAS alumni, for the 2018 LAS Graduation.)

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