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Thorsten Leiendecker: Academic Program Coordinator

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Thorsten Leiendecker studied English, German Literature and Philosophy at the Universities of Bonn and Freiburg. After completing his Master’s Degree in English Literature and Culture, he was coordinator of the research group History in Popular Cultures and of the Freiburg Graduate School Humanities. Thorsten is currently completing his PhD thesis on the relation of popular culture and high arts in an expanded field.

As academic program coordinator Thorsten Leiendecker is involved in the strategic mid- and long-term organizational and curricular planning of the LAS program. Thorsten further coordinates the core courses.

Thorsten Leiendecker is also responsible for LAS program consultation. For consultation inquiries, please contact him at:

Tel. +49 761 203-67614

Student Office Hour: Monday: 1011 / Wednesday: 910 / Friday: 910, Room 01069