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Student Activities

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UCF Student Activities

LAS students are an active community that organizes a wide range of self-organized events and projects. These activities reflect the wide range of interest and engagement of the LAS students and they all contribute to the familiar atmosphere at UCF. 

The UCF Students Council, the LAS student association, serves as a platform for the many social and extracurricular activities within the LAS student body, ranging from interest groups (of the Majors) and various committees, like the Committees of Outreach or Journalism, to self-organized conferences, projects, and lectures. Here are some projects, in alphabetical order:

Arts Liberated

LAS Arts Liberated Inspector Lord of the flies Lost Writings of Molu Safelu Poster Waiting for Dogot

Liberal Arts and Sciences is not an Arts Program. However, LAS students are very creative also beyond their academic endeavors. The LAS Arts Liberated Committee is dedicated to pushing academic boundaries through artistic creation. 

With the theater project "An Inspector Calls", written by J.B. Priestley, Arts Liberated made their debut in May 2017. In February 2018 Arts Liberated is performing a stage adaption of "Lord of the Flies", written by William Golding. The Badische Zeitung, uniCROSS, and fudder reported on the play. In June 2018 they performed "The Lost Writings of Molu Safelu", written by themselves.uniCROSS reported on the play. "Waiting for Dogot" was performed in February 2019.

Global Order Project

Global Order Project Conference 2018The Global Order Project is a network of student groups and experts, who are studying issues of Global Order in various disciplines. The project was established under the patronage of the former chief procecutor of the ICC Luis Moreno Ocampo and currently includes students and university staff in Maastricht, Freiburg, and Harvard.

The Global Order Project Team Freiburg has organized various talks, workshops and excursions on topic like: Good-Bye Hegemony! Power and Influence in the Global System or From Unilateralism to Multipolarity: The UN and De-Westernization and hosted the Global Order Project Conference 2016: Mobility and Identity in a Globalizing World as well as the Global Order Conference 2018: Security in the Global Order.

The Jack

Jack Second Jack Third Jack

The Jack is an English magazine initiated, run, and published regularly by students of the University College Freiburg (UCF). In every issue of the Jack students and other participants contribute texts and image material that altogether explore one specified overall topic in an interdisciplinary and creative way: the articles may adopt a political, scientific, social, philosophical, personal, cultural or alternative perspective and take divergent stylistic forms. In this spirit, the magazine is an expression of the philosophy of the Liberal Arts and Sciences community in Freiburg, which embraces diversity on an academic as well as cultural and social level.

LESC – European Liberal Education Student Conference

UCF-LESC-Call-for-Proposals-2017In May 2017, the 2nd Liberal Education Student Conference LESC took place in Freiburg. The self-organized conference will engage with the question: A complex world needs complex thinking:The potentials and limits of Liberal Education in approaching contemporary challenges. Based on participant contribution, worldwide problems playing out in local contexts will be discussed. Participants will explore how Liberal Education can prepare students to approach multifaceted problems on a local and global scale. The 3rd LESC took place in Utrecht, the Netherlands, from May 10 to May 13, 2018. 

Now we are looking forward to the 4th LESC in Berlin, Germany, from May 2-5, 2019 that will discuss "Liberal Education: In Conversation with Todays's World of Tomorrow".

LESS – European Liberal Education Student Symposium

From April 13-15, 2018, the 1st European Liberal Education Student Symposium, a student-led academic and social gathering with 37 Liberal Education students from eight European universities that was organized by the UCF students' outreach committee, took place at the Kandelblickhütte in the Black Forest. The symposium consisted of eighteen participant contributions and two keynotes by UCF instructors and the guiding theme of the conference was Education F(r)ees or Freeing Education? – The Interdependencies Between Liberal Education and Politics in Theory and Practice. As a result, the symposium enabled critical yet fruitful discussions about the present situation and possible future of Liberal Education in its dependence on and shaping of politics. We are particularly proud to successfully have spread the idea of extra-curricular exchange between European Liberal Arts colleges. The next edition of the LESS will take place in Tilburg, April 12-14, 2019.

Liberal Education Student Symposium 2018




And, of course, there are the legendary LAS parties, where liberal hearts go ...

LAS Party 2015-1 LAS Party 2015 LAS Party 2016


UCF Lecture Series: Beyond the Crisis – Civilians in Armed Conflicts


The UCF Students Council has organized a lectures series on cilvilians in armed conflicts and refugees in 2016. External lecturers have been invited to present their perspective and expertise in the following areas and lectures: