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Prospective Students

The LAS program is aimed at students with broad academic curiosity. We are looking for applicants who value academic rigor and in-depth study, intellectual creativity and exchange, and would like to give their studies an individual emphasis. If, on top of that, you enjoy an inspiring and hard-working environment, LAS is probably for you. About 25% of our 300 students are international, with more than 40 nationalities represented at UCF. Study abroad opportunities and incoming exchange students further contribute to the internationality of the LAS program. 

Did the presentations of UCF and the Liberal Arts and Sciences program in Freiburg spark your interest? Would you like to learn more about studying and living in Freiburg? Are you interested in applying for the LAS program? Here, we provide prospective students: 

Does LAS fit your academic interests and expectations? The Online Studychoice Assistant (OSA) informs you about LAS and can help you find out if it is the right program for you.