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The application period for starting the Liberal Arts and Sciences program in Winter Semester 2017/18 runs from June 1 to July 15. The application and admissions process for EU citizens includes an application interview. The interviews will take place from July 31 to August 4 at UCF. 

UCF Application Guidelines

There are two different LAS application processes – depending on if you are an EU citizen or not. We encourage you to read "your" guideline carefully:

(Update June 1: copies of English proficiency certificates must be officially certified.)

Student Portal – The Starting Point for Your LAS Application

The Student Portal at the University of Freiburg is the starting point for your LAS application. There, you will find all relevant application forms and are guided through the application process. Depending on your nationality, higher education entrance qualification, and knowledge of German, the direct links to "your" starting point are as follows:

1. For EU citizens (including Germany) in German 
– Please select Bachelor as your "Abschlussziel" on page 2.

2. For EU citizens (including Germany) in English 

Please note: If you are a non-EU citizen and have a German "Abitur", you are considered as a so-called "Bildungsinländer" and must apply via the application process for EU citizens.

3. For non-EU citizens in German and English 
– You can switch the language to English in the bottom right hand corner of the first page. 
– You do not need an account at to apply for the LAS program.

Contact and Questions

If you have inquiries that go beyond the information here and on the Student Portal, please contact us: