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EPICUR at University College Freiburg

EPICUR places "Liberal Arts and Sciences Education" at the center of its endeavor – in Work Package 3 for which the University of Freiburg is the lead institution.

  • Please see here for more information on Work Package 3 and the role of Liberal Education in EPICUR.
  • And get in touch with us with your ideas for Liberal Education based innovation across borders!

Towards a European University and a European LAS Bachelor Program

Eight Universities in six countries successfully joined forces for the European Commission's "European Universities Initiative". The consortium EPICUR (European Partnership for Innovative Campus Unifying Regions) is a pilot project for the European University of the future and has received € 5 millions to design and implement innovative teaching and learning infrastructure and formats – formats that are geared to the new generation of European citizens, to face the great societal challenges of the Europe of tomorrow.

Erasmus + Co-funded

EPICUR – Mission and Partners

The project's pilot phase consists of several action programs, such as

  • promoting multilingualism and inclusive governance
  • implementing innovative Liberal Education based methods of learning and teaching
  • establishing an interuniversity campus, using a student and staff-centered approach
  • strengthening and connecting European regions

EPICUR consists of eight partners and provides a European-wide campus for 307,000 students: 

More information on the EPICUR website and the launch of EPICUR in Brussels.


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