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Statutes and Handbooks

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Here you can download the Statutes, Handbooks, and Course Catalogs for the Liberal Arts and Sciences study program. For more general brochures on LAS and UCF, please see Media & Publications.

Course Catalog

The Course Catalog provides information on all courses on offer in the LAS program. It is published at the end of a semester for the upcoming semester. For the latest information on individual courses, please check on ILIAS.
For course registration please carefully read pages 3 and 4 of the Course Catalog.

UCF Course Catalog

Course Catalog
Winter Semester
2017/18 (PDF)

Student Handbook

The Student Handbook provides information on academic and administrative processes in and for the LAS program.

 UCF Student Handbook

Student Handbook
Academic Year 2016-17

LAS Handbook

Student Handbook 
Academic Year 2015-16

Study and Exam Regulations (Studien- und Prüfungsordnung)

The Study and Exam Regulations (Studien- und Prüfungsordnung) are the foundation of the Liberal Arts and Sciences Bachelor program. They are further specified in the Module Handbook.

The LAS Study and Exam Regulations were revised in 2015. Students starting the LAS program as of October are subject to the revised version. Please note: The English versions of the LAS Study and Exam Regulations are not binding and for convenience only. 

Study and Exam Regulations and according Module Handbook 2015

Module Handbook 2015

Module Handbook
Stupo 2015

Study and Exam Regulations and according Module Handbook 2012

LAS Handbook

Module Handbook
Stupo 2012

Selection Regulations (Auswahlsatzung) 

The LAS selection procedure is laid down in the Selection Regulations (Auswahlsatzung).